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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: Velocity generates lines with mixed EOL
Date Thu, 13 May 2010 17:04:02 GMT
I think it's a bug, personally. And it should go in the issue tracker.
 But you should know that Anakia (and Texen and DVSL and Docbook) are
all fairly dormant these days.  Those developers and users that are
active on the lists tend to be focused on Engine and Tools.  So if you
want this fixed, odds are likely that you'll need to tackle it
yourself.  If you do, i can help commit patches.  But my time for
Engine and Tools is limited enough.  I can't spare time for the other
projects, because i never use them myself.  And the Anakia that still
ships with Velocity Engine 1.6/1.7 is deprecated.  You should use the
standalone Anakia project, if anything.  I think it even has a few
more fixes than the deprecated one in the core.

On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 9:26 AM, sebb <> wrote:
> On 05/05/2010, sebb <> wrote:
>> I'm using Anakia/Velocity 1.6.2 to render XML as HTML on Win/XP.
>>  The input XML all has CRLF line endings, but the generated HTML has
>>  some lines that end with LF only. [This causes SVN checkin to fail]
>>  The code that causes the problem is as follows:
>>  #foreach ($rl_node in $itemToLoop.getContent())
>>  $rl_node.getText()
>>  #end
>>  If the text has CRLF in the input, then it ends up with just LF in the output.
>>  So
>>  <tag>inline text</tag>
>>  is handled OK, but
>>  <tag>
>>  text
>>  more text
>>  etc.
>>  </tag>
>>  generates output with LF line endings.
>>  The same problem occurs when using the Maven changes plugin to
>>  generate an announcement script - the text content of the <action> tag
>>  has CR stripped on output.
>>  Note that most of the output lines generated by Velocity have the
>>  correct CRLF line-end on Windows. It is only text that was read from a
>>  tag and re-output by Velocity that has the problem.
>>  Seems to me that this might be a bug in Velocity?
> Anyone?
> Is this a bug?
> Or is it behaving as designed - in which case where is this documented?
> Do I need to raise this via the developer list or bug tracker?
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