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From Rich Wagner <>
Subject Directive indenting ?
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 18:04:26 GMT

Sorry in advance if this is a FAQ whose answer I haven't found...

Instead of writing:

#foreach( $container in $Containers )
#if( $container.prop("Generate") )

I'd like to indent the "#if" and its "#end", for the sake of better readability:

#foreach( $container in $Containers )
    #if( $container.prop("Generate") )

But then I find the spaces before the "#if" and its matching "#end" show up in the output,
which I don't want to happen.

To get around this, I've implemented a somewhat hack-ish Template preprocesser:  my resource
loader wraps a template's stream inside my own stream implementation which filters template
lines.  That is, if a line starts with "<white-space>#blah", the initial spaces are
trimmed off.

That works, and isn't all that intrusive.  But if "off-the-shelf" Velocity already provides
an easier way to accomplish the same thing, I'd prefer that...

Rich Wagner

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