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From Andrew Ducker <>
Subject Getting Velocity working with Google App Engine
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2011 19:51:48 GMT
I'm plugging away at this, because I'd like to use Velocity for the 
templates in the app I'm working on.

I've got part of the way there*, but seem to be having a problem with 
the tools.xml file.

The pieces that don't depend on the tools.xml seem to work ok.  For 
Lets count : #foreach($i in [1..5])$i #end
comes out as
Lets count : 1 2 3 4 5

but if it tries to use any of the variable in the tools.xml then I get 
something like:
This is simple app version ${version}.
Here we use a custom tool: $toytool.message

Is there something I need to set to get it running with the tools.xml 
file?  I've got it sitting in the WEB-INF folder, and it's a copy 
straight from the tutorial.

Any ideas?



*I had to add the following to the appengine-web.xml:
     <exclude path="/**.vm" />
and create an empty to the web-inf folder in order 
to not get exceptions or other oddness.

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