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From Andrew Ducker <>
Subject Properties that are classes
Date Sun, 09 Oct 2011 12:07:51 GMT
Can I have a sub-class?

in addition to
can I have
$userData.Address.Line1 ?

Or do I need to completely flatten my object structure for Velocity to 
cope with it?

At the moment I get:

Couldn't instantiate instance of tool for: Unusable Tool 'userdata' => 
feedthistothat.UserData with 1 properties [key -auto-> userdata; 
](java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No class 
'feedthistothat.DataTypes.FeedParameters' was registered)

if I add a property userData.getFeedParameters to my class
Do I need to register this class somewhere?  Or is there a best practice 
to deal with this situation?



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