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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: [TOOLS] Trouble building 2.0.x
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 15:39:13 GMT

On 2/2/12 3:19 AM, Antonio Petrelli wrote:
> 2012/2/1 Christopher Schultz <>
>> Antonio,
>> On 2/1/12 3:36 AM, Antonio Petrelli wrote:
>>> 2012/2/1 Christopher Schultz <>
>>>> Antonio,
>>>> On 1/31/12 6:11 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>>>>> No problem: just check it out from svn (done) and build:
>>>> I forgot to mention that I downloaded the Velocity 1.7 tag. I wasn't
>>>> sure if trunk would be a good idea in this case.
>>> The problem is that Tools 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT depends on Velocity
>>> 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT, that depends on velocity-master 1-SNAPSHOT.
>>> IOW, everything is ready to use Maven as the main builder for the next
>>> iteration, so you have to build everything at once or nothing at all.
>> So, if I want to work on Tools, I need to use tools/trunk, and
>> velocity/trunk. Back-porting is going to be a big mess :(
> The question is: is backporting necessary?

Maybe. There are definitely some fixes I'd personally like to have in
the 2.0.x branch, because that's what I'm using in production right now.
I don't want to have to upgrade to Tools 2.1 (release date unknown) and
Velocity 2.0 (release date unknown) just to get those fixes.

Realistically, I can commit the changes to the 2.0.x line, build it
myself, and use it without a problem. I just figured that others might
be in my same position and like those fixes as well.


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