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From Guillaume Polet <>
Subject Re: Velocity to generate GWT Code
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 09:26:12 GMT
Good morning,

OK good, because for the first option, I don't think it is possible.

If you have a model object, then you can put those objects in a Velocity 
context and then simply invoke the next line:

Velocity.mergeTemplate(templateName, encoding, context, writer);

Then in your templates you access you objects and you generate the code 
you expect. In addition to that, you can use the VelocityTools which can 
come in handy if you plan on writing XML files or Java files.

For the UiBinder, I would strongly encourage you to use it because 
creating UI's only in Java often ends up in 
messy/unreadable/overwhelming code (if you have 3 labels and a textfield 
it's easy to read, but as you have more of them it can get confusing and 
hard to  maintain). Moreover, it is a lot easier to find layout issues 
in XML than in Java. For all the details, you can have a look at : 
(and if you plan on using Eclipse, there is a performance issue with XSD 
and DTD but it can be solved easily. Read about it here:

Sorry for all the GWT talk on this list, I know it is a Velocity one.


Le 20/04/2012 10:08, vanessa vanessa a écrit :
> Good morning ,
> First of all,thanks for responding .In fact, it's the latter case .I have
> to generate GWT code which will be compiled after that.
> I will generate this code from a model which the description is  specified
> in an XML file.This xml file acts as an input
> for the code generator.It will be after that parsed and transformed to a
> model object.So what do you recommend ?
> As regards the UIBinder XML , i didn't plan to use it .How can i introduce
> them ??
> Thanks a lot.
> Kind regards.
> Le 19 avril 2012 18:23, Guillaume Polet<>  a écrit
> :
>> Hello Vanessa,
>> What do you mean by generating GWT Web Page? Do you want to integrate
>> velocity in a web-application or do you have to generate GWT Java classes
>> and UIBinder XML pages that you will in turn compile and put in a web
>> application? If the latter, what input do you have to feed the context of
>> the velovity engine?
>> As for the version, just take the latest one: 1.7
>> Cheers,
>> Guillaume
>> Le 19/04/2012 18:23, vanessa vanessa a écrit :
>>   Hello ,
>>> I'm new to Velocity and I have to generate with the velocity engine
>>> GWT web pages.How can I proceed ? and which version i have to install ?
>>> Thanks in advance.
>>> Kind regards .
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