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From Sergiu Dumitriu <>
Subject Re: Accessing a key in a java map.
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 21:50:03 GMT
On 06/01/2012 01:20 PM, Lukas, Ray wrote:
> I have created a java.util.HashMap<String, TressSet<MyJavaObject>>   and
have placed that into the $values map which I then pass into Velocity.  The name of a group
of things mapped to a sorted set of those things.
> I have no problem iterating through the map but I cannot seem to find a way to access
the key (the String) of the map.entry and overlay that into my form. How is this done. I want
to print out the name of the group and then the group. Common thing to do I would think..
> #foreach($LabTestTypeEntrySet in $values.TestTypeGroupedBySpecimenName.keySet())
> $LabTestTypeEntrySet.??? - what goes here ---??
> #foreach($LabTestType in $values.TestTypeGroupedBySpecimenName.get($LabTestTypeEntrySet)
> $LabTestType.labTestTypeCode
> #end
> #end
> I am kind of new to Velocity and have been hunting for the solution.. can someone help
me out real quick.
> Thanks guys..

Behind any velocity variable there's a real Java object. So, given that, 
as you said, $values is a HashMap<String, TreeSet>, then what would you 
do to get the key in Java?

There are some things that don't seem to be right in your code...

The name of $LabTestTypeEntrySet seems wrong, since the variable that 
you're iterating with will not hold a set, but only one value at a time, 
so it should be called $LabTestTypeEntry.

$values.TestTypeGroupedBySpecimenName translates into HashMap<String, 
TreeSet>.get('TestTypeGroupedBySpecimenName'), which returns a value 
from the map, which should have the type TreeSet<MyJavaObject>. There's 
no keySet() method for a TreeSet, so that whole #foreach shouldn't have 
any values to iterate on...

Perhaps you placed this whole map as an entry into the the $values 
object, under the 'TestTypeGroupedBySpecimenName' key? In that case, 
this code should work:

#foreach($LabTestTypeEntry in 
   ## Notice that I used entrySet(), not keySet()
   ## $LabTestTypeEntry.key is the key, of type String
   ## $LabTestTypeEntry.value is the value, of type TressSet<MyJavaObject>
   #foreach($LabTestType in $LabTestTypeEntry.value)
     ## $LabTestType is a MyJavaObject from the TreeSet
     ## I guess that your MyJavaObject has a getLabTestTypeCode() method
Sergiu Dumitriu

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