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From Karel Vervaeke <ka...@outerthought.org>
Subject Run commands via whirr
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 15:50:56 GMT
I got bored with writing little scripts when using whirr run-script so
hacked this up. Maybe it's useful to someone.

Usage examples:
whirrcmd --cluster=recipes/mycluster.properties "sudo /usr/bin/jps status"
whirrcmd --cluster=recipes/mycluster.properties --roles="hbase-master"
"sudo /usr/bin/jps status"

Perhaps it be better to add it to whirr (e.g. whirr run-script
--command="" or whirr run-cmd ...),
but I don't know if it's useful enough.

Here's the ugly bit:

whirrcmd() {
  local whirr_args
  tmpfile=$(mktemp --suffix .sh)


  cat > $tmpfile <<EOF


  whirr run-script ${whirr_args[@]} --script=$tmpfile
  rm $tmpfile

Karel Vervaeke
Open Source Content Applications
Makers of Kauri, Daisy CMS and Lily

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