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From Chris Schilling <ch...@thecleversense.com>
Subject general questions regarding the proxy
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2011 22:58:00 GMT

First I like to thank Andrei who helped me get an updated version functioning locally and
from EC2.  

Now, I have a total newb question :)  

A little background:  I am running a Map/Reduce jobflow which has multiple map-reduce iterations
in the job flow (the next map reduce is dependent on the output of the previous...)  The job
takes a few hours to run.  So, my question is more about the proxy and the hadoop command
that I run on my local machine.  

Suppose I am on my laptop.  Do I have to wait for the hadoop command to finish before I close
the proxy?  It seems like I should be able to "submit" the job then not have to worry about
anything running locally.  But it does not seem like I can kill the local hadoop command that
is operating over the proxy.  Am I missing something here?  

Thanks for all the support!
Chris Schilling
Sr. Data Mining Engineer
Clever Sense, Inc.
"Curating the World Around You"
Winner of the 2011 Fortune Brainstorm Start-up Idol

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