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From Marco Didonna <m.didonn...@gmail.com>
Subject CDH behaves differently in the cloud?
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2011 08:28:20 GMT
Hello everyone,
I am pretty new to whirr and I would like to share with you my doubts.
I am using on my laptop latest version of cdh available from
repositories and I'd expect it to behave the same way on the cloud
since I used the "cloudera recipe" to launch a cdh cluster in EC2,
m1.large instance type. Here's the whirr config file
First of all seems like whirr installs a different version of cdh in
the cloud according to what hadoop version says: I don't think this is
a big deal but still...
Secondly some options have absolutely no effect:

- hadoop-mapreduce.mapred.child.java.opts=-Xmx1600m is basically
ignored, even though it is present in mapred-site (on my laptop it
works). According to ps aux the Xmx is 200 as default. I've also tried
to manually edit mapred-site and add
mapred.map.child.java.opts=-Xmx1000m and I got error saying there was
no enough space (4GB were free).

- hadoop-hdfs.dfs.replication=1 is ignored as well since I see
replication factor 3 when I move my data from s3 to hdfs.

- hadoop-hdfs.dfs.block.size=134217728 I actually don't know how to
see if this has affected hdfs config.

I hope someone can shed some light and maybe some configuration tweaks
for m1.large he/she is using.

Thank you

Marco Didonna

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