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From locojaydev <locojay...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ec2 / vpc / whirr
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 02:28:42 GMT

I am running VPC with a Private Subnet Only and connecting my local 
machine via openvpn.
I usually just create the vpc cluster via boto and destroy afterwords.

I was looking into whirr as i need to run some mahout/hadoop jobs and it 
seams ideal for the job.

Thanks for mentioning BYON : amazing...
I guess i will use boto to create a node-bson.yaml and i am good to go.

Adding support for jclouds runNodesInGroupwould be a nice feature...

Many Thanks,


On 4/17/12 10:35 AM, Andrei Savu wrote:
> Short answer: No
> Long answer: It's not really that difficult to make things work. 
> Jclouds can already start a virtual machine in a subnet. In the 
> meantime I think you can use the BYON provider (bring your own nodes) 
> as an workaround.
> How is your VPC network configured?
> On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 2:27 AM, locojaydev <locojaydev@gmail.com 
> <mailto:locojaydev@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     hi ,
>     is it possible to start a cluster from whirr on a ec2 virtual private
>     cloud (vpc)?
>     many thanks,
>     Jay

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