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From Entropy <blmulholl...@gmail.com>
Subject Wicket-jquery-ui autocomplete running slow
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2019 21:59:17 GMT
My project is using the wicket-jquery-ui AutoCompleteTextField.  We're
returning a list that was prefetched and all we do in the getChoices is
create a sublist.  the entire getChoices runs in milliseconds...usually
20-30, which I know because I put a rudimentary timer in it.  Yet, the
autocomplete feels very sluggish as we're testing it.  So I put a timer in a
filter that wraps our wicket calls and timed that.  The filter timer shows
the entire event is running 2-4 seconds.

2-4 seconds per keystroke when the fattest part of the call, the data
retrieval, is only taking 20-30ms seems like something is wrong.  The list's
max size is being limited to 100 rows, but even when I pared it down to 10
rows the improvement was only marginal.

I pasted the code below, but that mostly just shows the getChoices() which,
as I said above, is just filtering over a list in memory.  Any ideas?

		AutoCompleteTextField<String> fld = new
			protected List<String> getChoices(String input) {
				long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
				if (minInputLen > 0) {
					if (input == null || input.trim().length() < minInputLen) {
						return Collections.EMPTY_LIST;	// empty list
				List<String> curMatchingList = getFilterList(valList, input,
maxFilterListSize);	// filters the in memory list valList by the input

				if (curMatchingList == null) {
					curMatchingList = new ArrayList<String>();
				if (curMatchingList.size() == 0) {
					if (noResultsVal != null) {
						curMatchingList.add(noResultsVal);	// no-results option
				System.out.println("GETCHOICES: " + (System.currentTimeMillis() -
				return curMatchingList;	// data list

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