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From Anton Piatek1 <>
Subject exits or overriding dispatcher
Date Mon, 28 May 2012 13:37:49 GMT
I need to setup a special object for every connection which wink handles. 
This object needsto have its disconnect() method called on it before the 
request has been completely finished with (otherwise the remote resource 
fills up with a load of stale/cached handles).

The simplest way to do this is if wink offered a pre/post exit-type 
facility, so I could setup a variable before any of my handler classes are 
invoked, and call the disconnect() after they are done. Is there any 
support in wink for this?

If not, are there any examples of overriding the dispatcher so that I can 
add something just before and just after each handler method is invoked 
(or class created)? I don't want to have to completely implement the wink 
dispatcher, just add a line of code before and after a handler method is 



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