Hi Stefan,
Sometimes you need to add a capable writer to deal with specific data types. I am not sure if this is the same case for you but in my case I had a similar problem with JSON in my REST service and I solved it by adding the following to the web.xml file:





I hope this can be useful for you.


2012/7/26 Meyer, Stefan <Stefan.Meyer@softwareag.com>

Hi together,


My current problem is that my asset is not able to consume “application/json” requests.

Other content-types are working (e.g. application/xml, text/plain etc.)


When consuming a http-request with content-type json my code does not jump in the method

AssetCreator-> createAsset()


If I change the content-type to any other than json, everythings works fine

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Below my two classes:




public class VFSResource {


      * Creates an Asset


       * @return





      public AssetCreator createAsset(AssetCreator assetCreator) {

            return assetCreator;




My Asset:


public class AssetCreator {


      private Doctype doctype;


      public AssetCreator() {




      public void createAsset(Doctype doctype) {


            this.doctype = doctype;




      public Doctype getDocType() {

            return new Doctype();







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