Our app was deploying on Linux with JDK7.5.1, we are using @WADLDoc to set the WADL title, and find it doesn't work for method resource, but will only work when setting title for class resource.
This issue is only found on linux platform with JDK 7.5.1. There is no such issue on Windows platform with same JDK version. The Wink version is 1.1.
Any idea if it's a wink bug or jdk bug?  Is there any workaround to set wadl doc title besides @WADLDoc?  Thanks in advance.
Cases don't work:
Provider code:
    public String getMethod(@WADLDoc(value = "This is path parameter message1") @PathParam("pathparam") List<String> pathParam) {
        return "getMethod";

Client code will failed to get the doc and the title:

List<Param> params = wadlResource.getParam();
for (Param param : params) {
    if ("pathparam".equals(param.getName())) {
        pathParamFound = true;
        assertEquals(ParamStyle.TEMPLATE, param.getStyle());
        docs = param.getDoc();
        assertEquals(1, docs.size());
        doc = docs.get(0);
        assertEquals("This is path parameter message1", doc.getTitle());

Cases will work:
Provider code:
@WADLDoc("This is MyWADLResource")
public class MyWADLResource extends MyWADLAbstractClass 

Client code will get the doc and title;
      org.apache.wink.common.model.wadl.Resource wadlResource = resourceList.get(0);
assertEquals("wadl/{pathparam}", wadlResource.getPath());
List<Doc> docs = wadlResource.getDoc();
assertEquals(1, docs.size());
Doc doc = docs.get(0);
assertEquals("This is MyWADLResource", doc.getTitle());