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Subject svn commit: r1308150 - /webservices/commons/trunk/modules/axiom/src/docbkx/userguide.xml
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2012 16:37:29 GMT
Author: veithen
Date: Sun Apr  1 16:37:28 2012
New Revision: 1308150

Added documentation about AXIOM-398 to the user guide.


Modified: webservices/commons/trunk/modules/axiom/src/docbkx/userguide.xml
--- webservices/commons/trunk/modules/axiom/src/docbkx/userguide.xml (original)
+++ webservices/commons/trunk/modules/axiom/src/docbkx/userguide.xml Sun Apr  1 16:37:28 2012
@@ -1289,6 +1289,27 @@ while (iterator.hasNext()) {
+                    <title><classname>OMNamespace</classname> normalization</title>
+                    <para>
+                        Methods that return an <classname>OMNamespace</classname>
object may in principle use two different
+                        ways to represent the absence of a namespace: as a <literal>null</literal>
value or as an
+                        <classname>OMNamespace</classname> instance that has
both prefix and namespaceURI properties set to
+                        the empty string. This applies in particular to <methodname>OMElement#getNamespace()</methodname>,
+                        <methodname>OMElement#getDefaultNamespace()</methodname>
and <methodname>OMAttriute#getNamespace()</methodname>.
+                        The API of Axiom 1.2.12 didn't clearly specify which representation
was used,
+                        although in most cases a <literal>null</literal> value
was used. As a consequence application code
+                        had to take into account the possibility that such methods returned
+                        instances with an empty prefix and namespace URI.
+                    </para>
+                    <para>
+                        In Axiom 1.2.13 the situation has been clarified and the aforementioned
APIs now always return
+                        <literal>null</literal> to indicate the absence of a
namespace. Note that this
+                        may have an impact on flawed application code that doesn't handle
<literal>null</literal> in the same
+                        way as an <classname>OMNamespace</classname> instance
with an empty prefix and namespace URI.
+                        Such application code needs to be fixed to work correctly with Axiom
+                    </para>
+                </section>
+                <section>
                     <title>New abstract APIs</title>
                         Axiom 1.2.13 introduces a couple of new abstract APIs which give
implementations of the Axiom API

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