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Subject svn commit: r1531725 - /webservices/axiom/trunk/src/site/apt/roadmap.apt
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2013 18:07:46 GMT
Author: veithen
Date: Sun Oct 13 18:07:46 2013
New Revision: 1531725

Added an item to the Axiom 1.3 roadmap.


Modified: webservices/axiom/trunk/src/site/apt/roadmap.apt
--- webservices/axiom/trunk/src/site/apt/roadmap.apt (original)
+++ webservices/axiom/trunk/src/site/apt/roadmap.apt Sun Oct 13 18:07:46 2013
@@ -290,4 +290,21 @@ APIs that need to be overhauled
   The implementing classes then no longer need to be public (they can be anonymous or have
package access).
   In addition, <<<SOAPVersion>>> should be changed from an interface to
an abstract class so that one can
-  define static methods to get the SOAP version by envelope namespace or media type.
\ No newline at end of file
+  define static methods to get the SOAP version by envelope namespace or media type.
+* Make non coalescing mode the default
+  By default, Axiom configures the underlying parser in coalescing mode. The reason is purely
+  Axiom originally used Woodstox 3.x and that version implemented one aspect of the StAX
+  specification incorrectly, namely {{{}it configured
the parser by default
+  in coalescing mode}}, while the specification says otherwise. The problem is that (poorly
+  written) code that uses Axiom with a parser in coalescing mode doesn't
+  necessarily work with non coalescing mode. Therefore the choice was
+  made to make coalescing mode the default in order to ensure
+  compatibility when using a StAX implementation other than Woodstox 3.x.
+  A new major release would be the right moment to change this and make non coalescing mode
the default.
+  This enables a couple of optimizations (e.g. when reading and decoding base64 from a text
node) and
+  ensures that an XML document can be streamed with constant memory, even if it contains
large text nodes.

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