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Subject [ws-neethi] branch master created (now 27fa34e)
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2019 13:37:20 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

dkulp pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 27fa34e  Making sure an inputstream is closed

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new ae621ab  importing policy model code from scratch area
     new 9d38391  moved policy to inside trunk
     new 00c553f  Adding support for defining policies in primitive assertions and some refactoring
in codebase
     new ab1f16e  adding support for using policies inside primitive assertion, Fixed: primitive
assertion tags do not close properly when a primitive assertions are serialized
     new b64acad  Adding PolicyFactory and PolicyWriter classes which add support for policy
     new 6805875  Adding PolicyWriter class which creates a policy object using an inputstream.
Some refactoring in the util package ..
     new 9d2d1df  Moving the WSPConstants to org.apache.policy package. Some changes in PrimitiveAssertion
class to use PolicyReader class instead of WSPolicyParser
     new 68a255b  Removing org.apache.policy.parser.* package.
     new 298848e  Some refactoring and few bug fixes ..
     new 89549f6  Adding the dependency jars to lib. Few fixes in build.xml
     new 9d1eba5  fix name of jar
     new 51b27e5  - change package from org.apache.policy to - Added
maven build script, removed ant build.xml - removed the checked in jars
     new ceb53b4  dev->SNAPSHOT
     new b263f59  helper maven.xml
     new af09920  Implementation of a policy interop service endpoint and a simple client
     new aa6b72e  Fixed: Incorrect namespace is considered for deciding whether an element
is a primitive assertion
     new 75101ad  First very simple example used to test the basic features.
     new 19d9333  First very simple example used to test the basic features.
     new a47e70e  Fixed: Updated the SimplePolicyClient to use latest Axis2 Client API
     new 5c33b57  Some refactoring in AndCompositeAssertion class
     new 5303218  some refactoring in normalize(..) method in all core classes
     new 9fb0155  some refactring and few add-ons to several utility classes
     new 3ec1719  Another example that shows how to use the policy framework methods.
     new 7be7ec7  Setup a DOM parser in addition to stream reader and Axis2 OM.
     new 718de63  update examples to include some more options in the policy2.xml (xml:base="...")
     new 89861a3  Synchronizing with Sanka's modifications in reader module.
     new ce2c603  Cleanup import and comments
     new 3c11ea9  Adding PolicyReader and PolicyWriter interfaces.  Refactoring PolicyFactory
     new 64945ed  Adding PolicyComparatot which is a utility class for policy comparison
     new 7f1f24e  Remove debug prints. This problem is solved with Axis2 OM parser fix, see
     new 438ca57  Add Loader class from WSS4J, use real "on-the-fly" class loading in PolicyFactory
to enable real plug-in and be independent of specifc XML parser.
     new cb55268  Fix examples to use the new structure of PolicyReader and PolicyWriter.
Add wsu:Id attribute to policy2.xml to show if it works.
     new aaec8a7  updated to 94
     new 971c528  Chckin the Loader.
     new 4b7b233  Fixed: incorrect import
     new 76715cb  Added: commons-logging.jar artifacts
     new 2e397db  Fix detection of wsp:Optional flag in reader.
     new 82ca518  Add some trace information.
     new b41a275  log4j file to control trace/debug
     new 31deca3  Add a mor complex example to merge to policies. These policies were copied
from the WS-SecurityPolicy specification Appendix C.3
     new 6ea11dd  Update to use new security policy namespace as per specification.
     new 27a41c3  Fixed: wsp:Optional attribute does not get resolved when normalize(..) is
     new b8f40cb  Added: Sample policy files for testcases.
     new 9d66561  Modified: To compare core components of two policy objects.
     new 184fcfa  Moved:* classes to*
     new 190ff83  Deleted: unwanted folder org/apache/ws/policy/model
     new a5b568b  Added: testcases for test normalize(..) is working properly
     new fa57704  Fixed: normalize(..) causes an infinte recurrsion which result in stack
overflow error
     new b116a51  Removed: commented block of code ..
     new 92e9c14  Fixed: child <wsp:Policy> ..</wsp:Policy> elements are serialized
as <wsp:All> .. </wsp:All>
     new a7bd462  Modified: making Policy readPolicy(OMElement element) a public method. In
OM environment its seems to be reasonable
     new 5b30a2b  
     new 71ce20b  A more elaborated example that performs better parsing.
     new 394cdc6  Some comments, insert checks to qualify policy
     new ccae714  Adding README file for test-resources
     new edb4580  Only some cleanup
     new 0b79f76  Insert test for second policy file and check for normalized.
     new c7f4f07  Fixed: see:
     new 924d066  Making writePolicy(..), writePolicyReference(..) methods public
     new b978a43  Making private methods readPolicy(Element) and readPolicyReference(Element)
public methods
     new 3bd6460  Allowing the user to set the parent of PolicyRegistry
     new a6efc12  Check-in a first, incomplete version of a security parser example.
     new 3717939  Next step for a security policy processor - still imcomplete.
     new 9d638d9  Another next step for a security policy processor - still imcomplete.
     new 03f0dd0  Example of a security policy language processor. Contains all methods to
parse the examples. Run Javadoc and refer to the package description of examples.secParser.
     new d22f73c  update to 95 SNAPSHOT
     new 81fe935  Add first level of PolicyEngineData processing.
     new f565f2d  Moving the WSSecurityPolicyParser example to policy/example/wsse directory
     new c2dd6e5  Some fixes in Javadoc.
     new ee1f635  - adjusting for changes to om in Axis2. - fixing some compile errors in
interop classes
     new c950d17  fix name,version,repos; remove unused file
     new 621a49c  converted commons into a maven multi-project, yes, you can edit/compil/run
each sub component w/o having to checkout everything
     new 0fe15d4  Fixed: Assigned the proper namespace for 'wsu' prefix
     new 727b6e8  Fixed: public Element lookup(String URI) should be a public method
     new ccc4b93  making lookup method, public access
     new f8199f7  New policy test file.
     new fa23bcf  A small utility that take policies, normalizes and merges them and produces
a pretty printing. This utility needs Xerces - pls update your classpath.
     new 5242a06  Added more testcases to test policy.normalize() function
     new 508fd89  Renaming normalize to normalized
     new 6a7cccb  Renaming normalize to normalized
     new 3b8b0fd  Few improvements and more refactoring for the codebase
     new 7e19137  adding one more testcase
     new caa25f0  changing the policy.version from 1.0 to 0.90 I suggest we do couple of releases
before we go for the 1.0 Release
     new fbbf8d3  reverting the last commit and it is better to wait until the vote is over
     new 412710e  changing the version from 1.0-snapshot to 0.90-snapshot
     new 4b76552  Made a slight imporvement to the DOM policy reader
     new 9460e62  adding comments to AbstractAction and Assertion interface
     new eaf1586  adding more javadoc comments
     new d3bf366  adding more javadoc comments
     new f9fc811  Adding license and author files
     new c2fa01a  Adding the readme file
     new a4c8d3a  Adding the release-note
     new cf6a6a0  Adding the introduction and the userguide documents
     new b49170e  Adding dist-src target in maven.xml
     new 7844f6f  Renaming doc to docs
     new 872ccef  adding dist-bin target to maven.xml
     new dc299d6  few minor fixes
     new 5294dce  removing snapshot from version
     new dd83c96  fix minor error in project.xml
     new 640b94a  More flexible handling of arguments.
     new 6a4b899  Changing the version from 0.90 to 0.92-SNAPSHOT
     new e9e1fb5  building the site
     new b27b083  minor adjustments to site
     new 5a03681  adding mail archive link
     new c8d5903  minor fix in navigation.xml
     new 3cb7d2e  chaning the policy-0.92-SNAPSHOT to policy-SNAPSHOT
     new d18715e  made some usability enhancements/upgrades
     new 5bb0c88  setting the appropriate axiom version
     new 5539a5e  some preparations for the release
     new ac0a792  Renaming README to README.txt
     new 470e363  fixing a minor error in RELEASE-NOTE.txt
     new 434c7de  fixing a minor error
     new ff181ca  adding download.xml
     new 609c80c  adding the url for the user's guide v1.0
     new 121dbba  made updates for release v1.0
     new a375708  Moving modules in to trunk
     new ab92118  Changing to comply with latest axiom changes
     new ea75793  - moving project.* files in to the trunk - adding jar:install for policy
     new 85fa35d  remove log4j setup and leave clogging configuration to the user of this
     new dfb4fe9  set svn:ignore property to exclude target and IDE artifacts
     new e2dfce9  Fixed few minor defects Added WSDLPolicyProcessor which provides WSDL PolicyAttachment
     new e7c99f6  -document update for policy brand name   (changed by Chathra)
     new e5f55bf  Remove author tags in XmlSchema, AXIOM and Policy
     new 8a98bae  NOTICE.txt
     new 706ddbb  fix names
     new 75811f8  Removing duplicate entry
     new 50859b0  Minor fix in DOMPolicyReader ,thanks for pointing this out Mike
     new 62208b8  renaming the 'policy' module to 'neethi'
     new 6a6e89c  updating documents for 1.0.1 release
     new 395601f  
     new b97e344  final preparations for neethi-1.0.1 release
     new aa7072f  final preparations for neethi-1.0.1 release
     new 4d46162  final preparations for neethi-1.0.1 release
     new 33d3be5  apply the patch. see:
     new 05ce870  applied the patch. see JIRA WSCOMMONS-19
     new d7cf212  JIRA WSCOMMONS 15: patch applied
     new b0a7102  Added: Policy.iterator() method which will return and iterator to keep track
of alternatives. Here will return another iterator which points to the primitive
terms set in the alternative which its parent points to ..
     new e5783ff  renaming AndCompositeAssertion to All and XorCompositeAssertion to ExactlyOne
     new 821499d  Adding the renamed class files
     new d4abe7a  Added the set of testcases uploaded in WS-COMMONS JIRA 26.
     new 517dbd0  Slight optimization for OMElementImpl (xmlns namespace is a constant now)
     new 979026c  - more comments to the code - removed unnecessary normalization call
     new 64241dd  Added new set of Classes and Interfaces which will probably goes as Neeth2.
It is based on a new architecture and contains significant improvements than previous versions.
     new 77f4d9c  Completed the implementation of merge(...) and intersection(...) operations.
Also added the first test suite for normalization operation.
     new 2a92829  Renamed the PolicyManager to PolicyEngine. Removed the PrimitiveAssertion
interface. Added some comments to the existing codebase.
     new bc7b556  add maven2 based build support
     new b107ba1  Improved code documentation
     new 804b9a1  Deprecating getName() method of OMNamespace and adding getNamespaceURI()
method, as per
     new 10a0016  Adding a sample code for processing WSSecurity Policy Assertions
     new 89022f4  
     new 4aeb50d  Adding Security Policy assertion builders as an example code
     new 9f567df  - Commented out use of the maven-assembly-plugin, because the plugin   descriptors
are missing. - Added -sources and -javadoc jars to the release.
     new 3d2027e  - Update woodstox to 3.0.0 - Update log4j to 1.2.13 - Update jaxen to 1.1-beta-9
- Use Sun's JavaMail 1.4 since it is available in a's public repo - Use Sun's Activation
1.1 since it is available in a's public repo - Replace axis1's wsdl4j.jar with the
1.5.2 jar from wsdl4j project - Fix maven.repo.remote's for all 3 projects (XmlSchema/Neethi/Axiom)
     new e802163  Catchup with changes in Axiom.
     new c5a601d  Preparing generation of site and distributables with Maven 2.
     new ebd3010  The site is now being generated with Maven 2.
     new 9403cd2  Removed empty directory.
     new 8a8b0e9  Distributables may now be generated using Maven 2.
     new 46b829f  Added two new maven goals
     new e257317  Distributables may now be generated using Maven 2.
     new 8f42c99  Moved the test-resource, test2 and test3 directories to src/test, in order
to meet the Maven 2 standards.
     new dd7cd2d  get tests to pass by adding the stax impl"
     new 68f12ae  (1) Added a new method to AssertionBuilder interface, AssertionBuilder.getKnownElement
which will return QName of the element that the AssertionBuilder can process and build an
     new 17c42d2  fix Axis2 build break!
     new 336d25b  Apply the changes that were reverted last time due to an Axis2 build failure
     new 24c60d6  (1) Added two new interfaces called PolicyAlternatives and PolicyAlternative.
     new 725b190  Changing the return type of AssertionBuilder.getKnownElements() from QName
to QName[] since it allow the same AssertionBuilder to be used for multiple elements
     new b0c8efc  Another version missing problem in the ant run plugin
     new 1a8ffd6  (1) Integrated the patch that Amila has submitted.
     new 45a3af6  Fixing a minor bug in policy.setId(..)
     new 3b927f1  removing unnecessary class
     new a65332f  1. removed unncessary static block. This is alerady handled in AssersionBuilderFactory
2. Improvements to PolicyTestCase and Test
     new 8e561f2  1) Improved documentation.
     new ba70e35  Fixed a minor error that caused the WSP policy URI not to be serialized.
     new 0bc5886  Fixed few minor errors that caused failures in PolicyReferences resolution.
     new 67c0a19  standardize the groupId's across projects and for both m1 and m2
     new 8a115a1  switch to new groupId
     new 86682cc  Updated the Neethi dependencies
     new 02905b8  Adding the default goal to maven.xml Seeting the correct axiom dependency
     new 410cdf0  Added PolicyRegistry.remove(key) method which is obviously a required method
in PolicyRegistry interface.
     new ce3a5e6  fix for AXIS2-1374 - WSDL's with policy references cause the WSDL2Java to
fail with an UnsupportedOperationException thrown by the PolicyReference class
     new 2ec9eb9  Indentation fix
     new 05af133  Added a check whether the argument of PolicyEngine.getPolicy(..) is actually
a policy element.
     new d3d8170  fix axis2 build break caused by this extra check
     new a0c7afd  Applied few patches uploaded in JIRA
     new 8cafc78  Removed the old neethi codebase from the trunk.
     new 6bbc991  Removed the testcases for the old Neethi codebase.
     new 4b25a85  Added the new testcases for the new Neethi code.
     new cb22c04  Removed the examples that are part of the old Neethi code
     new 7193fb0  
     new 0433af2  Removed resources associated with the old neethi testcases.
     new 30c9f08  Removed an unnecessary namespace prefix check.
     new c0d321d  Moving to Axiom 1.2 release.
     new ada930e  Updated the README, RELEASE-NOTE for the release. Added more documentation.
     new 7c6b5e0  Temporary fix to get the dist-bin working in maven 1.x.
     new 126b3a5  Removed the xdoc/* since we need to recreate the site for this new neethi-2.0
     new ad0c9b4  Fixed the GroupId to the correct package name.
     new 5c4b211  add repo's explicitly
     new 5f65a9b  Fix for WSCOMMONS-148 - Maven groupId different for maven1 and maven2
     new fbf95f2  fix dist/snapshot repos
     new e425890  fix m1 repo
     new 6d49160  fix url
     new 2cccea4  fixing dependency versions
     new b891562  giving the proper woodstox location
     new 338362b  Fixed: WSCOMMONS-178 (Applied the patch - thanks Saminda)
     new e83eb0c  use latest release of axiom
     new 1dc4324  Fixed,Policy) method to check the Name and
the Id of the arguments when comparing.
     new 8baf242  Fixed: The proper normalization of the <wsp:PolicyReference> element.
     new ee7f26a  Applied the supplied patch for the PolicyReference. see: AXIS2-2451.
     new f0b219d  Fix license header as per our legal policy -
     new 4c09234  Changed the axiom dependencies to SNAPSHOT.
     new ef48745  typo
     new 409f6a0  Defined the <axiom.version> and < neethi.version> properties
in the pom.xml which is IMO much cleaner than hard codeing the version everywhere in the pom.xml.
     new c79b789  
     new a7bd5c6  remove m1 build artifacts
     new 86a69ef  update versions of dependencies
     new b30c831  Update dependencies to latest versions
     new 54ff272  oops! it's pointing to the wrong repo
     new 04e44eb  remove m1 plugin. add osgi manifest information
     new ca83892  updating license headers
     new 85d4e94  oops! remove duplicate license headers
     new 3f56f0b  move notice/license txt files to resources directory. get rid of the ant-run
step, add explicit manifest
     new 628881a  oops forgot the manifest
     new 035fd2c  make the sun.misc dependency optional, throw in flag to not fail if we just
ignore tests
     new 5aa791d  prep neethi bin/src dist
     new 609eb86  add license and notice files
     new ac9b90e  don't include sources jar
     new bcd6f81  add missing download.cgi/
     new ddef27c  fix version and features:
     new 1127ab7  better site
     new 8efff1b  Fix for WSCOMMONS-316 - PolicyReference.serialize(..) does not declare policy
     new 19d3a5c  Fix for WSCOMMONS-322 - Get rid of sun.misc.Service
     new 5bea488  Prep for Neethi 2.0.4
     new dfea52e  Adding missing "The" (thanks to Dan Kulp)
     new 827ad9a  Fix for WSCOMMONS-352 - legal/stax-api-LICENSE.txt should be deleted
     new a16e6e5  switch off unique versions in the snapshot repo
     new 9f750e1  switch to correctly named SNAPSHOT with version #
     new 0ddd8fa  Update neethi pom to start working on 3.0
     new 81ff606  Update to use java 5 generics.   Get rest of Eclipse warnings cleaned up.
  Nothing major at this point.
     new 7a73139  Quick change to avoid NPE when an element does not have a namespace.
     new ff91f7d  Make sure that Neethi only uses Axiom classes that are part of the public
API, not classes that belong to a particular implementation.
     new 6e3b3a6  Set org.apache:apache:8 as parent POM to include the Apache snapshot repository.
     new 8a73497  Update another API to use Java5 typed collections Port some tests from the
1.x branch and get them passing (intersect not working yet)
     new bf86b50  Change to using maven-bundle-plugin to generate OSGi manifest
     new ac19f80  Add version to javadoc plugin to make maven 3 happy.
     new 2e66416  Updated Axiom snapshot version.
     new e3de36b  Don't use a deprecated Axiom class
     new e9046bd  Fix a bunch of spelling mistakes Change return of normalize to be Policy
as it can only be a Policy.
     new 569b6aa  Inherit deploy locations from apache parent pom
     new 5ecdc2f  Change java5 method sig to allow lists of the subclasses as well
     new d3320e5  Fix spelling mistake in class name Add preliminary support for WS-Policy
1.5 Add ignorable attribute to assertions (for 1.5)
     new 71790ba  Remove Axiom from the core engine parts Introduce converters to convert
to/from DOM Element/OMElement/XMLStreamReader when parsing Allow AssertionBuilder to be built
using either of the three. Update tests to test building policies from all three.
     new 53b33e2  First pass at removing the singletons
     new 0b844cc  Go back to calling it 3.0-SNAPSHOT  since it contains a bunch of incompatible
changes now
     new 003302e  [NEETHI-1]  Fix javadoc
     new 6a7205e  [NEETHI-7] Add convenience constructors
     new 6d9d71e  [NEETHI-6] Return null from getFirstPolicyComponent if there are no child
components.  Don't NPE.
     new 0f7093a  [NEETHI-3] Add test case from NEETHI-3 to prove it works with changes for
     new eb4b92a  [NEETHI-5, NEETHI-2] Call the builders for stuff in Policy namespace we
don't know about. Add a default PolicyRegistry on the engine and allow the Policy objects
to record that and use that when calling normalize().
     new be7576e  [NEETHI-8] Make vars protected for easier subclassing/extension
     new 5b7c0a9  [NEETHI-4] Implement intersect, take into account the lax mode and wsp:Ignorable
flags. Grab all the latest test cases from w3c and add to the test suite.
     new 521cd77  Add round5 tests. (good news, they all pass)
     new 384e537  Update various things in pom
     new 9701bd8  I don't think we need to import self in Java :-)
     new 678d058  optimizing all the imports of the Policy engine
     new b89cd92  Ignore .snv dirs
     new 67fc47f  Code cleanup, formatting, import cleanup, etc...
     new d156432  Minor PMD flagged changes
     new a9253b8  rename the prameter to uri as it is meaningfull from ur, and a return statement
     new e4111b3  minor reformatting to improve the code, readability
     new 1524f7a  Remove the @suppresswarnings that are causing issues in eclipse
     new e8306a7  Start integrating neethi into CXF.   Needed to make some stuff protected
and easier to subclass, but also needed to add support for the interem Policy 1.5 namespace.
     new 6406d32  For policies that don't implement the new IntersectableAssertion interface,
we'll do a very basic check for compatibility.
     new 93be040  The built in primitive assertions can use the default intersect algorithm.
 Don't force all the subclasses to have the Intersectable interface set on them.
     new 87865d7  Add a better description to the javadoc
     new 351aad1  Change AssertionBuilderFactory to an interface (with an impl) to make it
easier to extend.   Make some other changes to make it easier to extend the Neethi classes
with extra functionality and such.
     new 2472326  Since this is a 3.0 update, go ahead and make the 1.5 namespace the default.
     new a4c2610  Rename PolicyEngine to PolicyBuilder (since that is what it really is) Reinstate
original PolicyEngine as static wrapper to PolicyBuilder. (Makes porting from neethi 2 to
3 MUCH easier) Change return type of getAlternatives to match javadoc and make it easier for
     new 878bc78  If DOOM isn't avail, just use stax.
     new 21c0851  Make sure attributes are saved on the primitive assertions.
     new 63c15aa  Write out the saved attributes
     new 18da92e  getAttributes can return null
     new c0daa80  Fix issues with Primitives with text content having the text get lost Fix
a bunch of issues with serializing things Make XmlPrimitiveAssertion extend PrimitiveAssertion
Add a couple basic test cases for all of the above.
     new bdbdc23  Make sure prefix isn't null in QName
     new e4bdff0  The Assertion name is already calculated, don't need to re-do it.
     new d5a63c0  Fix the site name
     new e8e138d  Fix a couple uses of generics.   Add migration guide to site
     new 84d3e25  Use slf4j instead of commons-logging
     new 9ea660c  Remove slf4j
     new 269a058  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release neethi-3.0.0
     new 19e77c6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b358b81  Update release notes, download page, etc...
     new b9aec4a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release neethi-3.0.0
     new cb40511  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new fcbd2ae  Removed the source distribution. The default one created by the org.apache:apache
super-POM is enough.
     new cf9fa5c  Avoid duplicate legal files in the JAR.
     new 64b7f09  Make sure that the Maven site conforms to the Apache project branding guidelines.
Also improved the site navigation and disabled project reports that are not useful.
     new 133c453  Removed the Google Analytics stuff. Nobody has access to it, and the onClick
attributes are lost anyway during HTML generation.
     new 97cf171  Make sure that license/notice files are also included in the binary distribution.
     new f3ad6bf  Updated the download page so that the names of the source distributions
match with what is produced by the org.apache:apache super-POM.
     new 424f9dd  Improve site plugin config to push sites with versions in their pathnames.
     new cb23cc9  Relocated the site from to
     new 4f25e7b  Fixed the inconsistent date format used in the download page and replaced
it by a more explicit one to avoid confusion.
     new 429c1ea  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.0.0
     new 11eb97c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 086f67c  Fixed Constants so that it has a consistent and complete set of isPolicyXXX
     new ef17535  Recovered file from the generated site that was not present in the site
     new de81e93  Removed duplicate download.cgi file. The right place is in src/site/resources;
see r1090001.
     new 495a9e3  Some fixes to the download page: * Don't use two different mirror selection
systems at the same time. The page is designed for the CGI stuff, so use it. * Link to the
correct KEYS file, i.e. the one for Neethi, not the one for Axiom. * If we change naming conventions
for the distribution directories (from 2_0_4 to 2.0.5), then let's be consistent and also
remove the "commons" part.
     new 214e922  Make use of the new API introduced by Axiom r1094037.
     new 132220e  [NEETHI-11] Fix problems with mixed versions
     new ab75ee3  [NEETHI-10] As per gnodet, make it not import its own packages
     new 8f2d098  Change  to using JUnit 4
     new e174c26  [NEETHI-12] Fixes to make sure the passed in element really is a Policy
     new c5b4cf4  [NEETHI-12] Actually, check the entire element name, not just the namespace
     new 5aff5f1  NEETHI-9: Make sure that Converter implementations throw an exception instead
of returning null.
     new cc0217e  Configured the RAT plugin and added a couple of missing license headers.
     new cfab9ac  Adding myself as a developer.
     new 4adbd6d  Updated Axiom version to make Neethi ready for release.
     new f9039ab  Remove authors file which is obsolete/out of date
     new fbc7924  Prepare for 3.0.1 release by updating release notes, download pages, etc....
     new da0adc5  Add some more stuff that RAT needs to exclude
     new eee38fc  Set a bunch of svn properties to make sure eol style is consistent, mime
type set, etc...
     new 546b8b9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release neethi-3.0.1
     new 05ae377  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4465687  Fixed a typo in one of the download links.
     new e37817b  Avoid unnecessary conversions if the object model implements both DOM and
     new 976225f  wsdl4j isn't needed for Neethi
     new c98b50b  [NEETHI-13] Fix potential exception from invalid qnames
     new 8131ab8  Make sure that Neethi only refers to axiom-api, but never to implementation
classes directly.
     new c704b88  Cleanup some use of generics.  Neethi is warning free in eclipse with the
eclipse default warning levels.
     new eccb28e  [NEETHI-14] Don't construct the AssertionBuilderFactory twice Patch from
Jim Ma applied.
     new 6f176f8  Some minor optimizations to avoid some Class.forName calls when we know
axiom is not available.  Also allow for a shared ConverterRegistry to be used.
     new 0712d6e  Don't create the ConverterRegistry twice
     new 62ba571  Update release notes
     new 19ae891  Update bundle plugin version
     new e7cbadf  Update site
     new 430aee6  Flip to the currently being voted on Axiom so I can build release
     new ebbf8af  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release neethi-3.0.2
     new 8a8803c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7eb52e4  Back to axiom snapshot
     new 1f11ca9  Fixed incorrect release date for 3.0.2
     new d899e01  Updated Axiom version (1.2.14-SNAPSHOT is no longer available).
     new fa6149b  Moved Neethi to the right location in SVN (following the decision to dismantle
the WS-Commons subproject).
     new 50e802a  Updated source code location.
     new 7afa2c7  Removed unnecessary exclusion: Axiom also uses woodstox-core-asl, and not
wstx-asl anymore.
     new f2bb636  [NEETHI-15] Fix policy intersection Patch from Jörn Schneider applied
     new ec1af79  [NEETHI-16] Make sure the namespaces are output
     new 22be429  Don't use a snapshot so we can get ready for a release.
     new 9ad3722  [NEETHI-16] When reading from Stax, return the namespaces with the attributes
to match what DOM does and what is expected in the serialization.
     new 0afdd64  Update woodstox version
     new 7428018  Update release notes
     new 54b04c4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release neethi-3.0.3
     new 12d0422  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new eec90ea  Updates to update the website
     new 6e8bd6a  Update plugin
     new f4d278b  Update to fluido  skin
     new 48e6c33  Put the log in the right place
     new bceeb61  [NEETHI-18] Add equals/hashCode to PrimitiveAssertion Patch from Adrei Shakirin
     new 8f860bc  Update release notes, update version
     new 01de8ce  Update some plugin and deps versions
     new 4027b4b  Update parent version
     new 40fddbc  Update javadocs so new javadoc plugin will work
     new de15657  Update to compile to java7 since this is a minor update
     new 9281278  Update release notes
     new 8f23613  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release neethi-3.1.0
     new 67cdcba  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 64f27da  Site generation seems broken, drop the site plugin version
     new 1448c92  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release neethi-3.1.0
     new 381fe3e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 677dc87  Add release to index
     new cbe91e4  Add the blank line to not mess up the html
     new 6d436c0  Add release to downloads page
     new 449b837  [NEETHI-19] Fix problems comparing policy names Patch from Dimitar Stefanov
     new 99db905  Update release notes
     new c5425ec  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release neethi-3.1.1
     new 63deeee  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 325ba51  Update neethi site
     new 06e0f62  Updating a few dependencies
     new 47e14f3  Set secure processing feature + disallow doctypes
     new 84b5969  Updating Axiom
     new 5f0a18f  Using Deque instead of Stack
     new 8386ec9  Updating axiom
     new 9472d70  Updating license name
     new 62863a4  Switching to use https everywhere
     new 27fa34e  Making sure an inputstream is closed

The 386 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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