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From Daniel Rall <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] JaxMe: A JAXB Implementation
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2003 22:48:00 GMT
Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> Ted Leung wrote:
>>>2. Does have plans to develop a JAXB implementation?
>>Not directly, although it's likely that XMLBeans will become JSR-31 
> As a side note, one could use JaxMe from within XMLBeans, saving a lot
> of work.
> XMLBeans and JaxMe are both layered applications. XMLBeans has more layers,
> but both share a layer for parsing a schema syntactically, a layer for
> building the logical schema structure from the syntax layers result and,
> finally, a source generation layer.
> Combining JaxMe's source generator and XMLBeans (very powerfull) schema
> parser is not straightforward: The XMLBeans parser requires extensions.
> But that step is required, as these extensions are specified by JAXB.
> For example JAXB requires to know, given an arbitrary element, the
> outermost syntactical schema with the elements namespace as target
> namespace - an idea completely unknown to XML Schema.
> Likewise JaxMe is not yet ready for accepting a schema from other sources
> than its own parser. (This will change anyways, to generate classes from
> Java Beans or relational database schemas.)

Please excuse my ignorance, but what differentiates these technologies 
from something like Betwixt <>?

I'm currently -0 on this VOTE.

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