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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Renewed SOAP/Axis Website
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 17:39:06 GMT
Tetsuya Kitahata wrote:
> Hi, WS-Axis Development Team
> Hi, WS-SOAP Development Team
> (Sorry for the cross-post)
> --
> As I've mentioned before, I renewed 
> WS-Axis
> and
> site, by using Apache Forrest [1].
> New (renewed) Axis Site can be found from here [2]
> and SOAP Site from here [3].
> I created new "skin" for WebServices project,
> which can be found at "ws-site" module
> (ws-site/src/documentation/skins/ws-site/).
> I am going to put the "built" html/gif files to
> "ws-site" module in a few days (15th October),
> if there will be no objections here.
> As for the original "xml" files, I am still wondering
> how I should deal with them. Posting "zipped" file
> would be appreciated? Or, would you give me a
> sufficient karma to do (commit) by myself?
> Please give me your opinions/suggestions.

If you plan/wish to help maintain the pages, then I can nominate you for 
a committer, by submitting a VOTE on the axis-dev mail list.

If you just want to get us started, then post the zip files and one of 
us will add them.

In either case, we will need help learning to care and feed the forrest 
site ourself. In particular.

-can we set it up so that the build/deploy is automated? Or do I have to 
  run forrest locally and commit changes?

-how do we convert our existing HTML docs into docs integrated w/ 
forrest, nice PDFs for printing and still be redistributable with the 
Axis distribution?


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