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From Julie MacNaught <>
Subject WSRP4J forrestized --> integration questions
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 15:40:34 GMT
I have converted the wsrp4j web site to use forrest.  I have not checked 
it in yet.  I have a couple of integration questions.

Should I checkin the sources to the ws-wsrp4j module and checkin the 
built site to ws-site/targets/wsrp4j ?  This is what the other projects 
appear to be doing.  Is this the best approach?

How can I make use of the ws-site skin?  Currently, I am using the 
avalon-tigris skin because this looks the most like  ws-site, but I 
noticed that ws-site has it's own skin.  It doesn't look straightforward 
to just copy the skin and then reference it from  I 
need some more advanced forrest help here.


Julie MacNaught
IBM Research

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