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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject WS-RM open source impl and NDA [Re: VOTE: WS-Fx and Sandesha proposals]
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 15:28:59 GMT
Davanum Srinivas wrote:

>There was an Interop for WS-RM ( and AFAIK no one
was asked
>to get a license for doing an implementation. So it should be ok. 

actually they did this under some kind of NDA (did you nitice there is 
no resultsfrom Workshop published ...). so you have to sign this 
agreemenet if you wanted to join them and thr same NDA is required to 
join discussion list - i am attaching it (it is Word file) and here is 
its content.

maybe WS-RM spec author(s) could comment on that - i am really fuzzy if 
it ok for us to require everybody to sign it who works (or look) on 
WS-RM? it isseems that they *intend* to grant a Royalty-Free but that 
has not yet happened AFAIK (see in text below)?



*WS-ReliableMessaging Interop Workshop Agreement                  
           Sept  2003*


BEA, IBM, Microsoft, and TIBCO ("Authors") of the WS-ReliableMessaging 
(March 13, 2003) specification (the "Specification") are hosting a 3-day 
workshop on Oct 14-16, 2003 ("Interop Workshop") to (i) discuss the 
Specification, including sharing background information on its design, 
(ii) solicit feedback on the Specification, including general thoughts 
about the problem spaces addressed by the Specification and the 
practicality of implementing the Specification, and (iii) provide the 
opportunity for interoperability testing  by the attendees, including 
you or your company ("you," and "your Company" if you are participating 
on behalf of your company, are collectively referred to herein as 

Participant is expected to respect the privacy of others since, for 
example, other participants may be working with pre-release code.  
Results of each testing session in the Interop Workshop are not intended 
to be publicly posted.  By participating in the Interop Workshop, 
Participant agrees not to disclose, comment on or otherwise 
characterize, in any manner, the results of the interoperability testing 
or of the operation of any other participant's products or applications 
tested at the Interop Workshop without such other participant's prior 
written consent.


Consistent with the goals of the Interop Workshop, the Authors may 
publicize general results of the Interop Workshop testing through press 
release and post-event briefings of selected industry analysts and 
press. This will likely include general event information, overview of 
the list of participants, and the collective results of the testing.  
Participant is free to issue individual press releases that discuss its 
general involvement in the Interop Workshop. 


The Authors of the Specification and authors of the related 
specification ("Authors of Related Spec") listed below ("Related Spec") 
intend to submit revised versions of the Specification and Related Spec 
to a standards body, in which case they intend to grant a Royalty-Free 
(zero royalties with other reasonable and non-discriminatory terms) 
license to their necessary patent claims.  Participant will be invited 
to provide comments and feedback on the Specification and/or Related 
Specs, but both sets of Authors need assurance that any such comments 
and feedback provided by Participant, either during or subsequent to the 
Interop Workshop, ("Comments") are provided in a manner that is 
consistent with that goal.


Participant is not required to provide any Comments on this 
Specification or any Related Spec, but any Comments that Participant 
does provide may be incorporated into this Specification or Related 
Spec.  By signing below, Participant grants to the Authors of the 
Specification and the Authors of Related Spec a non-exclusive, 
non-transferable, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free 
copyright license to copy, publish, license, modify, sublicense or 
otherwise distribute and exploit Comments you provide.  Likewise, if 
incorporation of your Comments into a version of this Specification or 
any Related Spec would cause an implementation of any such Specification 
or Related Spec (as modified) to necessarily infringe a patent or patent 
application that Participant owns or controls, Participant commits to 
grant to all implementers of such Specification or Related Spec a 
Royalty-Free license under such patent or patent application to make, 
have made, use, sell, offer for sale, and import products or services 
that implement such Specification or Related Spec.  Participant warrants 
that (a) to the best of Participant's knowledge Participant has the 
right to provide these Comments, and if you are providing Comments on 
behalf of a company, you have the rights to provide Comments on behalf 
of your Company; (b) the Comments are not confidential to Participant or 
to another party; and (c) to the best of your knowledge use of the 
Comments would not cause an implementation of the Specification or 
Related Spec (as modified) to necessarily infringe any third-party  
patent or patent application known to you.  You also acknowledge that 
the Authors or Authors of Related Spec are not required to incorporate 
your Comments into any version of the Specification or Related Spec.



*_ _*

*_WS-Addressing                     Authors: BEA, IBM, Microsoft_*

*_ _*

*_ _*

*_ _*







___________________________      ___________________________

Signature                                                   Date




>--- Sanjiva Weerawarana <> wrote:
>>"Aleksander Slominski" <> writes:
>>>however how are IP issues resolved for WS-ReliableMessaging from
>>>it is not clear to me if WS-RM can be implemented as open source?
>>Hmm. Good question.
>>Glen, when Sonic implemented WS-RM did you need a license from IBM
>>etc.? I can certainly get whatever is needed I believe; just need
>>to know what we need.
>>Dims, does Apache need anything specific to make it "safe"?
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