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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Concerning the publishing of Jars into ASF Repository.
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 01:07:41 GMT
We are having a great discussion concerning the publishing of jars into 
the ASF Repository which evolved from a premature publishing of the 
JaxMe Jars into the repository so that they would be available to 
efforts of Robert Burrell Donkin to produce a JaxMe taglibrary for 
Jelly/Maven. We released the jars into the following location with the 
following group id's.

We(I) realized(was warned/reminded), possibly too late, that this should 
have been approved by the WS PMC/PMCC prior to our activities.

The jars are located under:

which is mirrored to

In maven, the groupId/ArtifactId's that map to this directory structure are:



the current version number in the directory is 0.2

We are currently still working out the policies for the publishing of 
jars into the repository and the appropriate documention / tooling to 
facilitate the publishing. So this is very much a learning process for 
everyone involved.

I would like to ask the WS PMC to please identify if the above actions 
we have taken are acceptable. If not, we will yield to whatever the 
decision/process you may request.

thanks and sorry if this causes any inconvenience,


Mark Diggory

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