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Subject [Apache Web Services Wiki] Updated: ChatAgenda/20041208/ChatLog
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 15:12:41 GMT
   Date: 2004-12-08T07:12:41
   Editor: AleksanderSlominski <>
   Wiki: Apache Web Services Wiki
   Page: ChatAgenda/20041208/ChatLog

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Change Log:

@@ -1,5 +1,20 @@
+<sanjiva> ok are we converging? shall I try to summarize (at the risk of getting shot)
+<sanjiva> (1) we create org.apache.wsdl.* to be the WSDL object model with an extensibility
hook to store arbitrary runtime stuff via a hashmap
+<sanjiva> (2) we create o.a.axis.description.AxisOperation etc. classes that extend
the corresponding class in o.a.wsdl and provides a nice API to get/set the stuff we care about
for each WSDL component
+<sanjiva> (3) when a service is deployed the WSDLService structure is created with
all the additional properties etc. 
+<sanjiva> (4) The registry stores AxisService etc. 
+<sanjiva> (5) Alek raises a minority objection ;-)
+<sanjiva> (6) The Module stuff is still independent .. we'lll prolly still need a ModuleDesc
type thing to store the module data in memory. Need to come up with a consistent naming scheme
to make them fit together nicely.
+<alek_s> Let be noted that i am opposed to use of (Hash)Map  but i am OK for now ...
+<gdaniels> that sounds good, but of course we need to see the actual design
+<gdaniels> I need to take off soon to attend some meeting-related stuff downstairs.
 Would love to discuss the engine next week.
+<gdaniels> Handlers, phases, etc
+<gdaniels> chat.setProperty("minorityObjection", aleksThing)
+(and we know from discussion that this particualr property may be lost during serialization
;-) )
 [12/8/2004 8:56 AM] =-= Topic for #apache-axis is ``Apache Axis Web service Framework - WSDL

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