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From Ian Springer <>
Subject Re: Increasing cross project cooperation
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 20:54:12 GMT
James Black wrote:

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>Aleksander Slominski wrote:
>>i think it may help also to make this code easier to refactor into
>>WSDL2Antything ...
>>and for compatibility it could be good idea to build AXIS jar file with
>>ws-common-wsdl classes included (one less jar file to maintain
>>versioning and one less bug to hunt in mailing list ...)?
>  I think that ws-common-wsdl.jar would be a good thing, as it would
>make it easier for other projects to take advantage of the work put into
>wsdl2java and java2wsdl.
It would be good if this common WSDL2Java/Java2WSDL library did not have 
any dependencies on Axis 1.x or Axis 2.x. This would allow it to be 
leveraged by projects that don't want to be tightly tied to Axis. As an 
example, one of our goals for the Apollo, Hermes, and Muse projects was 
to be able to run within any JAX-RPC-based SOAP platform, not just Axis. 
Because Axis' WSDL2Java was closely tied to Axis and produced many hard 
dependencies to Axis in generated classes, we decided it was necessary 
to write our own WSDL2Java based on WSDL4J and XMLBeans. We also wanted 
to generate service artifacts that better represented the implied 
resource pattern (i.e. multiple resource instances being fronted by a 
single Web service).


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