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From Nirmal Mukhi <>
Subject Re: Increasing cross project cooperation
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 20:36:27 GMT

Why can't we just define a common project with r/w priveledges for all ws 
committers, with code like WSDL2Java etc., and have (mandate) all projects 
use that common code? That way we never have to be afraid of somebody 
accidentally touching code they have no business to mess with.


Davanum Srinivas <>
06/03/2005 04:04 PM
Please respond to general
        Subject:        Increasing cross project cooperation

Hi all,

Does anyone think that moving to a jakarta-commons/cocoon model where
there is a single ACL for all of web services will help? We can still
have separate release cycles for all projects., and each project can
have a list of active participants.

For example, i want the Axis/C++ folks (and the folks on
Apollo/Hermes/Muse) to contribute to make WSDL2Java stuff better (to
reduce duplication of code now in WSDL2Ws). Now with Axis2, if we can
get everyone more involved (it's not too late yet!) now, it will ease
the pains of "porting" existing code to Axis2...and so on.

Basically, we will have 1 list on CVS/SVN with all web services
committers and all of them will have rw privileges on all CVS/SVN
modules. Existing committers who want to contribute to another sister
WS project can sign up in the list of active folks for that project
and help out with that project.

Yes, we are all scared of folks changing stuff willy-nilly. But it
just implies, we need to monitor changes more closely and work a bit
more on mentoring others on our code.

What do you all think?

Davanum Srinivas -

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