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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "SummerOfCode/2005/guththila" by DineshPremalal
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 09:26:05 GMT
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The following page has been changed by DineshPremalal:

- == Title ==
+ == Summer of code 2005 Proposal for Guththila - StAX C Parser ==
  ==== Name ====
+       Dinesh Premalal
  ==== Mentors ====
+       Dr.Sanjiva Weerawarna
  ==== Email ====
  ==== Project Title ====
+       Guththila
  ==== Synopsis ====
+       *Guththila is a StAX parser which is initiated to use with Axis C++. Advantage of
StAX parser in soap message processing is
+       soap engine could have more control over soap messege processing.
+       We have "Guththila" as seperate parser implementation. It can handle soap messeges
with namespaces and UTF-8 and UTF-16             encodings. Fist we have to Integrate current
parser implementation with Axis C++ and should have some test cases based on presant parser.
+ In order to start Axis2 C port we should have to have StAX parser in C. In this summer hope
to rewrite Guththila in C and have it as StAX C parser under apache 2.0 licenning
  ==== Deliverables ====
@@ -35, +43 @@

  ==== Project Details ====
+         * Axis C++ is a one of major project which is carried out by under Webservices projects
by Apache Software Foundation. Axis C++ is a soap engine which is using Xerces to process
internal soap messages. Xerces is a bulk xml parser therefore we have to spend more resources
on it. It reduces performance of soap engine. It uses SAX parser for it. Draw back of a SAX
parser is , it has (parser) more control of parsing. But for Axis c++ we need StAX parser
then Axis c++ engine get more control in soap processing.
+          * There was no StAX parser in C++ and Apache 2.0 licenning. We could have "Guththila"
As StAX xml parser with Apache 2.0 licennning.
+ With the basic Idea of Increasing Performance of axis c++ "Guththila" was initiated. It
just need to parse soap messages. ( SOAP requests and SOAP responses). It should have basic
soap messages parsing with namespaces support. "Guththila" compliant with namspace support
+          * "Guththila" is matured with handling UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded documents. 
+ you can have latest version of Guththila from Here
+ 	 * "Guththila" has Api which is similar to StAX parsing Api therefore it is perfectly match
with Axis C++ engine.
+ ==== Project Plan ====
+ For this summer I have two different main goals.
+                    1.Integrating Presant parser with Axis C++
+                    2.Re write Guththila StAX parser in C.
+ Integrating Presant parser with Axis C++ will be carried out in two steps, First I need
to implement XMLParser interface with Guththila. That XMLParser interface basically designed
to integrate SAX parsers. Here what I happen to do is interface StAX parser with SAX interface.Then
I need to integrate implemented parser interface with current build. In my sense this will
be a critical task for me. because need to get more things from the axis c++ developers. After
integrating it with axis C++ current build need to have some test cases in order to demonstrate
the scenario.
- ==== Project Plan ====
+ Rewritting Guththila in C will be carried out in major three pahses.
+                     *Developing State machine
+                     *Getting namespace support
+                     *Getting Encoding support (UTF-8 and UTF-16)
+ Though current version of Guththila has stable state machine , need to study on it more
and understand throuly how it works. Then base on it I can come up with a C implementation.
With a stable state machine need to add namespace support and encoding support.
+ since encoding work is something i'm quite familer with hope to concern on more on state
machine and namespace support.
  ==== Project Schedule ====
-  * Weeks ending on June 11th & 18th 
-  ...................... 
-  * June 26th & July 2nd 
-  ....................
+ ===== Weekly Plan =====
+ *Week Starting 11th of July 2005
+          Implementing XMLParser.h interface, and Generating
+ *Week Starting 18th of July
+          Integrate it with the current build and write a test case for it
+ *Week Starting 25th of July
+          Starting Guththila C implementation. Working on state machine 
+ *Week Starting 01st of August
+ 	 reviewing state machine and make improvements to the state machine
+ *Week Starting 08th of August
+ 	 Adding namespace support
+ *Week Starting 15th of August
+ 	 Adding encoding support (UTF-8 and UTF-16)
+ *Week Starting 22nd of August to 1st of September
+ 	 Buffering time, Reviewing whole architecture
+ *1st of September
+          Come up with a Guththila C implementation M1
  ==== Bio ====
- I am a student on .....
+ I'm a student of Department of Computer Science and Engineering , University of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka. Now I'm in Level 3. I have worked on "Guththila" project for last four months.
I was working on it to add encoding support. After trying to use several opensource sources
like expat , ICU4C . I lost my way to encoding support. Then decided to do it from scrach.
After getting my hands dirty , I was able to add UTF-8 and UTF-16 support with in month.
  ==== References ====
- ''....''
+ University of Moratuwa
+ Department of Computer Science and Engineering
+ Home Page
+ Apache Web Services
+ Google Summer of Code

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