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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "SummerOfCode/2005/guththila/31" by DineshPremalal
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 06:37:21 GMT
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The following page has been changed by DineshPremalal:

  === Current Status ===
- ====  25th July to 27th July ====
  Now calculator example works with  guththila. 
@@ -51, +49 @@

                   build.xml file is located in /usr/local/axiscpp/src/xml/guththila/ directory
                   build with ant command ( $ant)
                   build.xml will build and will move it to  /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy/lib
+ --------------------
+  * After building build files I send them to axis-c-dev to commit those files to CVS. at
that point got to know I couldn't have seperate build files to build guthththila and guththila
XMLParser interface, therefore I need to integrate them with main build.
+  * In order to add gutthila and it's XMLParser interface implementation to main build (
axis-c++) , I need to look at build.Linux.Propeties , buildXMLParser, and build.xml , after
editting them  tried in local machine. It works fine in local machine. 
+  * Since I'm using axis-c-1.5 final version build files looks quite old and I happened to
get a fresh check out and change build.common.Propeties instead of build.Linux.Propeties.
after changing them tried to build guththila with axis c++ , but it reports an error because
in fresh checkout XMLParser.h has a method called 
+ "peek ()" I didn't implemented in my XMLGuththilaParser. After I implemented it guthtila
builds without any problem.
+  * I have a guththila/src guththila/include guththila/lib ... directory structure. But having
that directory structure inside the axis-c++ is violating axis-c++ directory structure , so
I put all the header files and cpp files into ws-axis/c/src/guththila. Again I happend to
change build files. In this time BUILD FAILED giving 
+ error. Saying "guththila/lib doesn't presant". 
+  * buildXMLParser.xml file carries a line
+    <!-- Additional library of XMLParser -->
+     <libset dir="${dir.xmlParser}/lib" libs="${xmlParserLibrary}" unless="os400"/>
+  I think that's why It reports an error saying "guththila/lib" not presant. I created lib
directory while compiling inside the guththila directory and put there. Then
+  * Still don't know creating lib directory inside src/guthtila is violating convensions
of axis-c++, trying to get to know from axis-c-dev's 
+ -------------------------------
+ === Working On Guththila C Implementation ===
+  * As scheduled I started working on guththila c implementaion this week. I suppose to coming
up a prototype which have basic tokenizing. But I was unable to come up with a prototype.
Hope to finish it soon.
+ ===== Guththila C Directory Structure =====
+      (jpg's will upload soon)
+ ===== Guththila C Architecture =====
+      (jpg's will upload soon)
  === Special Notes ===
+  * I suppose to comeup with a prototype this week. But I was unable to come up with a working
prototype. There is a catch up for next week

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