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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "Tuscany/TuscanyJava/SCA Java/Samples" by LeeSurprenant
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 17:46:36 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Ws Wiki" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by LeeSurprenant:

The comment on the change is:

  ||eagerinit		||in		||y		||n		||y		||n		||sca/samples/||
  ||echo.binding		||in		||y		||n		||NullPointerException||n	||sca/samples/||
  ||echo.databinding	||in		||y		||n		||NullPointerException||n	||sca/samples/||
- ||helloworld.rmiReference||in		||y		||y		||y - follow readme||n		||sca/services/bindings/rmi/samples||
+ ||helloworld.rmiReference||in		||y		||y		||y - follow readme||n		||sca/services/bindings/rmi/samples/||
- ||helloworld.rmiService	||in		||y		||y		||y - follow readme||n		||sca/services/bindings/rmi/samples||
+ ||helloworld.rmiService	||in		||y		||y		||y - follow readme||n		||sca/services/bindings/rmi/samples/||
- ||helloworldJavaScript	||in		||y		||n		||y		||n		||sca/services/containers/javascript/samples||
+ ||helloworldJavaScript	||in		||y		||n		||y		||n		||sca/services/containers/javascript/samples/||
- ||helloworldjsonrpc	||?		||y		||out-of-date	||y		||n		||sca/services/bindings/jsonrpc/samples||
+ ||helloworldjsonrpc	||?		||y		||out-of-date	||y		||n		||sca/services/bindings/jsonrpc/samples/||
- ||helloworldws		||in		||y		||n		||MissingResourceException(ImportSDOLoader)||n||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples||
+ ||helloworldws		||in		||y		||n		||MissingResourceException(ImportSDOLoader)||n||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples/||
- ||helloworldwsclient	||in		||y		||n		||UnrecognizedElementException(import.sdo)||n||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples||
+ ||helloworldwsclient	||in		||y		||n		||UnrecognizedElementException(import.sdo)||n||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples/||
+ ||helloworldws-async	||in		||y		||out-of-date	||y		||n		||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples/||
+ ||helloworldwsclient	||in		||y		||n		||UnrecognizedElementException(import.sdo)||n||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples/||
+ ||helloworldwsclientOM	||in		||y		||n		||NoClassDefFoundError: OMElement||n||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples/||
+ ||helloworldwsOM	||in		||y		||out-of-date	||ClassNotFoundException: ServletLauncherListener||n||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples/||
+ ||inner.composite	||in		||y		||n		||y		||n		||sca/samples/||
  ||local.wire		||in		||y		||n		||y		||n		||sca/samples/||
  ||local.wire.cdi	||in		||y		||n		||y		||n		||sca/samples/||
+ ||supplychain		||in		||y		||y		||n - missing display info||n	||sca/samples/||
+ ||simplecallback	||in		||n - Test Failure||n		||		||n		||sca/samples/||
- ||spring		||in		||y		||n		||TuscanyInitException:  Could not find system SCDL||n||sca/services/containers/spring/samples||
+ ||spring		||in		||y		||n		||TuscanyInitException: Could not find system SCDL||n||sca/services/containers/spring/samples/||
- ||supplychain		||in		||y		||y		||?		||n		||sca/samples/||
+ ||spring.simple		||in		||y		||n		||UnrecognizedElementException(implementation.spring)||n||sca/services/containers/spring/samples/||
  ||webapp		||in		||y		||n		||y		||n		||sca/samples/||
- ||helloworldwsclientOM	||in		||y		||n		||?		||n		||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples||
- ||helloworldwsOM	||in		||y		||n		||?		||n		||sca/services/bindings/axis2/samples||
- ||inner.composite	||in		||y		||n		||?		||n		||sca/samples/||
- ||simplecallback	||in		||y		||n		||?		||n		||sca/samples/||
- ||spring.simple		||in		||y		||n		||?		||n		||sca/services/containers/spring/samples||
- ||helloworldws-celtix	||out		||y		||out-of-date	||UnrecognizedElementException(||n||sca/services/bindings/celtix/samples||
+ ||helloworldws-celtix	||out		||y		||out-of-date	||UnrecognizedElementException(||n||sca/services/bindings/celtix/samples/||

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