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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "Tuscany/TuscanyJava/CurrentTasksSDO" by KelvinGoodson
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 15:09:16 GMT
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The following page has been changed by KelvinGoodson:

   2 This could be more than just sorting out the java level dependencies, it gives rise to
the question of whether we should divide up the source so that there is an option extras section
which would contain things like this, that bering in extra dependencies,  e.g. the recently
proposed move of Java2WSDL and WSD``L2Java from SCA into SDO
   3 Some of this is done,  but some tests would be good,  and there is on-demand open content
property creation to implement
-  4 For example,  what does equality of 2 graphs mean when one or other contains a change
summary, ditto copying.
@@ -45, +43 @@

  === Things to Check ===
   * When asking a data object or a change summary for its DataGraph, how do we handle the
case where the DataGraph is an instance of DataObject with type namespace = "commonj.sdo"
and type name "DataGraph".  Following on from that,  what semantically is the root data object
when such a DataObject is at the root of the data graph?
- === Patches ===
- Copying in the tuscany-dev note about available patches sop that the info can be kept up
to date
- ||<style="font-weight: bold;"> JIRA ||<style="font-weight: bold;"> Patch Notes
||<style="font-weight: bold;"> Patch Application Status ||
- ||T-193||minor issue|| not aware of anyonme who has this on immediate plans to apply  ||
- || T-477 ||  unresolved types in schema import -- (related to other JIRAs? T-152? and another?)
- || T-521 ||  Hide special types -- patch available for dynamic aspects,  generated types
still an issue,  patches must be applied together ||
- || T-709 ||  Load datagraph in scope -- patch is old and predates HelperContext || There's
an unresolved question from Hasan re use of XMLResource options,  KG has patch on radar, 
but in wait state pending resolution of issue ||
- || T-713 ||  discover new types on XML load || patch applied, jira resolved ||
- || T-1044 ||  DataHelperImpl.toDateTime() is not compliant with spec. ||
- || T-1088 ||  SDO should tolerate malformed XML -- related to T-152?, T-477?, T1063? - back
port of EMF patch available || issue with Yang to resolve patch overlap with T-713 ||
- || T-1091 ||  repeating NameSpace declaration impacts performance  - discussions seem to
be resolved?  check || patch causes test failure in my env (KG) returned to Yang to see if
he sees the issue||
- || T-1093 ||  isSet returning false when boolean set to false, or int set to 0 --  lots
of discussion,  need to determine next step for JIRA  || discussion not resolved so patch
remains unapplied currently||
- || T-1097 || DataObjectXMLStreamReader shouldn't have ignored (transient Properties in)
Sequence -  patches/files available || unaware of anyone planning to apply this yet,  I hope
to get to it soon (KG) ||
- || T-1098 ||  Add get() and getInstanceProperties() methods in Type and Property || unaware
of anyone planning to apply this yet,  I hope to get to it soon (KG) ||
- || T-1099 ||  fix for TUSCANY-1083 used lookupPrefix method of Node not available to Java
1.4.2 users || solution still under discussion ||
- || T-1100 ||  Dynamic Type tests are needed to ensure that all XSD datatypes are supported
-- PA  Dan to work  with PG et al to put cases in CTS or Tuscany build || jira resolved ||
- || T-1101 ||  Support mixed Sequence and any Sequence in Change Summary -- patches a bit
mixed  up/overlapping here||need to resolve patch overlap||
- || T-1102 || Support EMF 2.2.2 -- contains a confusing comment ||unaware of anyone planning
to apply this yet,  I hope to get to it soon (KG) ||
- || T-1113 || Extensible namespaces and types that change || need a generally applicable
solution before patch can be applied ||
- || T-1119 || XMLStreamHelper serialization incomplete || ||

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