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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Fwd: [VOTE] XML-RPC 3.1
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 00:33:53 GMT

[Resending this to general@, because we need three votes by PMC members]


after one year since the release of XML-RPC 3.0, I'd like to call for
the next release, to be called XML-RPC 3.1, based on revision 561948.

The list of changes since 3.0 is, IMO, impressive, and shows that 3.1
will be highly recommendable over 3.1.

A current snapshot has been deployed to the Maven 2 repository. See

The proposed site and the proposed distribution is available at


[ ] +1
[ ] =0
[ ] -1

- Added support for void methods, if extensions are turned on.
- Added PropertyHandlerMapping.load(ClassLoader, Map). (Perry Nguyen)
- The authentication handler, type converter and requestprocessor
   factories are now configurable as properties of the XmlRpcServlet.
   (Jimisola Laursen)
- Atomic properties of XmlRpcServer are now configurable as init
   parameters in the XmlRpcServlet.
- Reworked the WebServer/ThreadPool framework in order to ensure a
   clean shutdown.
- Introduced the method
   This should allow users to prevent remote invocation of certain
   methods, for example initialization stuff.
- The ClientFactory is now able to use a custom name for the remote
   handler. So far, it was always using the interface name.
   (Eugene Prokopiev)
- It is now possible to have other objects than strings as
   map keys.
- Made extending the XmlRpcCommonsTransportFactory easier.
   (Steffen Pingel)
- Added support for redirects. (Andrew Norman)
- An invalid dateTime value is now causing a more informative
   error message.
- Address matching in the Webserver wasn't actually working,
   because casting of integers to bytes was implemented wrong.
   (Gamaliel Amaudruz)
- Make the HttpClient creation in XmlRpcCommonsTransport and the
   URLConnection creation in XmlRpcSunHttpTransport protected.
   This is required for cookie support.
- The WebServer was producing invalid error responses, if
   contentLengthOptional was set.
- If the server was throwing an XmlRpcException, then the fault code
   and fault string weren't given to the client.
   (Juha Syrjala)
- The WebServer replies with an HTTP error 401 now, if the
   client uses chunked encoding.
- The properties "Extension-Name", "Specification-Vendor",
   "Specification-Version", "Specification-Title",
   "Implementation-Vendor-Id", "Implementation-Vendor" and
   "Implementation-Version" are now present in the MANIFEST files.
- An NPE was thrown, if the clients request didn't contain a "params"
- The method TimingOutCallback.waitForResponse is now checking, whether
   a response has already arrived before waiting. (Jonathan Oexner)
- Fixed a serious performance problem, if the XML parser was sending
   large content in small pieces. This could happen, for example, if
   the content contained a large number of character entities.
- The configuration of the reply timeout in the commons transport was
   wrong. (Juho Yli-Krekola)
- The DateParser is now treating an empty string as null. (Carsten
- The XmlRpcRequestParser and XmlRpcResponseParser didn't reset
   their internal state within startDocument(). Consequently, they
   haven't been reusable. (Keith McNeill)

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