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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Fwd: [VOTE] XML-RPC 3.1
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2007 10:04:16 GMT

[Resending this to general@ again, because we need so far we've
  only got two votes from PMC member. Seems, the best argument
  for me to be on the PMC is to save me from yet another reminder,
  because my vote counts ...]


after one year since the release of XML-RPC 3.0, I'd like to call for
the next release, to be called XML-RPC 3.1, based on revision 561948.

The list of changes since 3.0 is, IMO, impressive, and shows that 3.1
will be highly recommendable over 3.1.

A current snapshot has been deployed to the Maven 2 repository. See

The proposed site and the proposed distribution is available at


[ ] +1
[ ] =0
[ ] -1

- Added support for void methods, if extensions are turned on.
- Added PropertyHandlerMapping.load(ClassLoader, Map). (Perry Nguyen)
- The authentication handler, type converter and requestprocessor
   factories are now configurable as properties of the XmlRpcServlet.
   (Jimisola Laursen)
- Atomic properties of XmlRpcServer are now configurable as init
   parameters in the XmlRpcServlet.
- Reworked the WebServer/ThreadPool framework in order to ensure a
   clean shutdown.
- Introduced the method
   This should allow users to prevent remote invocation of certain
   methods, for example initialization stuff.
- The ClientFactory is now able to use a custom name for the remote
   handler. So far, it was always using the interface name.
   (Eugene Prokopiev)
- It is now possible to have other objects than strings as
   map keys.
- Made extending the XmlRpcCommonsTransportFactory easier.
   (Steffen Pingel)
- Added support for redirects. (Andrew Norman)
- An invalid dateTime value is now causing a more informative
   error message.
- Address matching in the Webserver wasn't actually working,
   because casting of integers to bytes was implemented wrong.
   (Gamaliel Amaudruz)
- Make the HttpClient creation in XmlRpcCommonsTransport and the
   URLConnection creation in XmlRpcSunHttpTransport protected.
   This is required for cookie support.
- The WebServer was producing invalid error responses, if
   contentLengthOptional was set.
- If the server was throwing an XmlRpcException, then the fault code
   and fault string weren't given to the client.
   (Juha Syrjala)
- The WebServer replies with an HTTP error 401 now, if the
   client uses chunked encoding.
- The properties "Extension-Name", "Specification-Vendor",
   "Specification-Version", "Specification-Title",
   "Implementation-Vendor-Id", "Implementation-Vendor" and
   "Implementation-Version" are now present in the MANIFEST files.
- An NPE was thrown, if the clients request didn't contain a "params"
- The method TimingOutCallback.waitForResponse is now checking, whether
   a response has already arrived before waiting. (Jonathan Oexner)
- Fixed a serious performance problem, if the XML parser was sending
   large content in small pieces. This could happen, for example, if
   the content contained a large number of character entities.
- The configuration of the reply timeout in the commons transport was
   wrong. (Juho Yli-Krekola)
- The DateParser is now treating an empty string as null. (Carsten
- The XmlRpcRequestParser and XmlRpcResponseParser didn't reset
   their internal state within startDocument(). Consequently, they
   haven't been reusable. (Keith McNeill)

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