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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Axis2 as TLP
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2008 02:34:15 GMT
I am -1 (binding) on this proposal as it is.

I am not for, or against Axis2 becoming a TLP, but I am strongly opposed 
to moving the transports to within Axis2, as it would make it difficult 
to develop and release new versions of them independently of the Axis2 
trunk and release cycles - which are known to be long and painful.

Apache Synapse folks developed some of these transports as they are 
highly dependent on these, and they frequently require quick fixes at 
transport level to be able to add new features and handle various 
issues. Thus the ability to get a new version of the transports released 
when needed is immensely important for Apache Synapse among other 
issues. In addition as a developer, I have to admit that I hate to build 
Axis2 trunk each time I want to commit changes to a transport, as it 
takes ages to build and fills up the M2 repo and finally fails many 
times due to various issues. The interface between a transport and 
anything else is clear, and you do not need to stick it deep into a 
parent codebase to keep both working.

We also have had length discussions on this for a long time, and 
agreement from *all* the key players involved in this discussion, to 
make the new WS-transports sub project outside of Axis2 - with 
independent release cycles etc. I do not want to make this VOTE thread a 
discussion, but wanted everyone to be aware on the effect of these 
actions on those who develop and use this piece of software.



Glen Daniels wrote:
> Folks:
> Discussion seems to have died down about the TLP proposal, and I think 
> we heard a lot of valuable viewpoints during the conversation.  At 
> this point, I think it's time to VOTE on the idea and see where we're at.
> I've described what we're voting on on the wiki page [1], and will 
> include it here as well:
> * Restructure Axis2 as an independent TLP, containing subprojects that 
> *directly* relate to Axis2 - these include all the Modules and 
> Transports. This ends up being a reasonably sized and well-focused 
> project.
> * Once Axis2 is split out, we'll move the "sub-sub-projects" inside 
> WS-Commons (Axiom, Neethi, XmlSchema) up to be WS subprojects. This 
> will also involve making sure that the SVN authorizations are 
> appropriately granular.
> * We'll then do a review of the remaining projects inside WS and based 
> on that, decide whether any further action is needed. Such actions 
> might include promoting more projects to TLPs, or retiring stagnant 
> codebases.
> Please chime in with your VOTE on this (and indicate 
> binding/non-binding depending on whether you are a PMC member).
> Here's my +1 (binding).
> Thanks,
> --Glen
> [1]
Asankha C. Perera

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