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From Kurt T Stam <>
Subject [VOTE] jUDDI-2.0rc6 release
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 22:03:18 GMT bounced so I'm trying again:

This is a vote for releasing jUDDI-2.0r6. This vote will be open for 72 

The project branch lives in SVN under:

or using viewvc

The release artifacts can be found at:

This release should be followed by the 2.0-final release.

Release Notes for 2.0rc6:

   * [JUDDI-109] - jUDDI server does not work with Axis2 libraries
   * [JUDDI-110] - jUDDI console does not with Axis2 libraries
   * [JUDDI-126] - Issues publishing an external taxonomy
   * [JUDDI-128] - Connections leak at 

   * [JUDDI-129] - Paths in juddi-web to servlets is wrong.
   * [JUDDI-183] - No logging using the juddi-tomcat bundle
   * [JUDDI-184] - Derby db is not created correctly on initialization
   * [JUDDI-185] - JAXR060RegistryTest throwing exceptions


   * [JUDDI-125] - Please reference Subversion source repository on 
project web page
   * [JUDDI-127] - Add mssql database schema files to juddi
   * [JUDDI-130] - Add tomcat bundle w/juddi

New Feature

   * [JUDDI-48] - Ant tasks for managing juddi repository
   * [JUDDI-169] - Add support the Ingres RDBMS


   * [JUDDI-124] - Remove ant scripts from the project

My Vote +1



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