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From Kurt T Stam <>
Subject [VOTE] jUDDI-3.0.0.alpha preview release
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 21:58:03 GMT
This is a vote for releasing jUDDI-3.0.0.alpha preview release. This 
vote will be open for 72 hours.

The project branch lives in SVN under:

or using viewvc

The release artifacts can be found at:

Major features:

    - UDDIv3 support; this release implements the Inquiry, Publish and 
Security APIs
    - JPA in the backend (plugin your favorite persistence provider, 
Hibernate, OpenJPA)
    - JAX-WS and JAXB on the frontend (plugin your favorite WS stack, 
CXF, Axis2)
    - jUDDI-tomcat bundle with CXF and Derby embedded database.
    - UDDI-client library.
    - User and Developer Documention guides.

Release Notes - jUDDI - Version 3.0.0.alpha


    * [JUDDI-142] - JPA retrievals result in sporadic ordering of 
    * [JUDDI-162] - Block off unimplemented API's with 
    * [JUDDI-163] - Need to do something about v2 requests received by v3
    * [JUDDI-165] - Remove juddi-web, add juddi-axis
    * [JUDDI-167] - Modify pom.xml, move hibernate/openjpa profiles to 
top level, remove top level dependencies
    * [JUDDI-173] - WS marshalling exception
    * [JUDDI-179] - Building jUDDI Tomcat Packaging fails on build machine
    * [JUDDI-186] - Failing unittests on the uddi-client module


    * [JUDDI-18] - Reduce the use of the Singleton pattern
    * [JUDDI-47] - Make juddi a J2EE 1.4 compliant Web Service
    * [JUDDI-71] - Integrating JUDDI in a managed environment
    * [JUDDI-176] - configure derby to create it's database files in the 
target directory

New Feature

    * [JUDDI-171] - Add uddi-client
    * [JUDDI-172] - In the juddi-client - convert cargo to use the 
juddi-tomcat module.


    * [JUDDI-122] - After Axis2 goes in go through a dependency check
    * [JUDDI-132] - Add persistenceManager
    * [JUDDI-135] - Create a tomcat bundle
    * [JUDDI-137] - Add unittest frame work which can use the 
persistence layer
    * [JUDDI-143] - Add documentation on Dev and user Setup, and features
    * [JUDDI-145] - Adjust model to meet UDD v3 requirements
    * [JUDDI-154] - Create launcher for tests
    * [JUDDI-155] - Create installation process
    * [JUDDI-158] - Need a profile so that we can switch between testing 
hibernate and OpenJPA
    * [JUDDI-159] - Implement category searching
    * [JUDDI-160] - Need release metadata
    * [JUDDI-168] - Clean up UUID code
    * [JUDDI-174] - Switch cargo to different port
    * [JUDDI-180] - Add release profile to the maven build for signing 
our release artifacts
    * [JUDDI-187] - Updating AuthenticationTest and Adding documentation 
on the new Authentication Approach

My Vote +1



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