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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Web Services PMC - Organization and futures
Date Sun, 17 May 2009 20:17:05 GMT
[PLEASE KEEP REPLIES TO THIS THREAD ON "general@ws". If you're not on it and
interested, please subscribe.]

Hi all:

June approaches, and with it another WS PMC board report.  After the March
report, we were again asked by the board what's up with our project's
organization.  As such, I'd like to re-open this discussion here, in hopes
that we can achieve a real consensus this time around, whatever the outcome.

PLEASE NOTE - we all have opinions, and while we certainly would like to sway
others to our point of view, let's make sure that we keep the conversation
respectful and considerate of each other's ideas (no matter how totally
insane they might sound to us. :) ).

Toward this end I've spun up a wiki page:

I'd like to record the proposals here, as well as a bullet-item list of
points that people think are important to consider in the discussion.  I did
a very quick start of a couple of items, please feel free to jump in and add
/ edit stuff.

If it looks like we're heading towards some kind of agreement in the next
couple of weeks, that's awesome.  If it appears we can't reach consensus, I'd
love to hear ideas as to how we should proceed - but for now, let's just talk
about it again and see what comes up.

  Your friendly neighborhood PMC chair

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