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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "FrontPage/WebServicesPMCReorg" by DanKulp
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2009 21:34:58 GMT
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The following page has been changed by DanKulp:

   * veithen: I agree with the overall proposal, but I'm against keeping the name "WS-Commons"
for the new TLP. The main reasons is that as noted below, Axiom and XmlSchema have potential
for growth, but for this to happen, we need to make it clear to potential users that these
projects are not strictly Web Service related, but have a larger scope. I like the proposal
to brand this TLP as "Axiom" as proposed in "Split it #2", but of course my opinion is a bit
biased. In addition, I would like to propose two new subprojects that would naturally fit
into the new TLP, but which are also not strictly Web Service related:
     * I noticed that in the various WS related projects (Axis2, Synapse, CXF, etc.), there
is lot of code implemented to satisfy specific needs when working with StAX (utility classes,
XMLStreamReader/Writer wrappers, code that bridges between StAX and SAX/DOM, etc.). I think
it would be a good idea to create a new project that centralizes this kind of code so that
it can be reused across the different projects. The aim of the project would be to become
_the_ place to look for StAX-related utilities and the focus would be on delivering code that
is well documented, having a well-defined behavior and that is thoroughly tested. The project
would also have the potential to increase the interaction between members of the different
     * I'm not sure if that is reasonable, but it might be interesting to move (parts of)
the ADB code out of Axis2 into a separate project, so that this databinding framework becomes
available for use cases not related to Axis2 (or Web Services in general). If we can increase
the user base of ADB, in the end this would also be beneficial for Axis2. Note that if we
call the TLP "Axiom", then we even don't need to change the acronym...
+  * dkulp:  I'm completely opposed to calling it Axiom.  Naming the entire TLP after one
of the subprojects makes no sense to me.  WSS4J and XmlSchema (and soon Neethi)(not sure about
Woden) have absolutely no dependency on the Axiom stuff.   Also, the name Axiom is way too
tied to Axis2.  CXF ships with one of the Axiom jars due to Abdera and we quite often have
to deal with the "why do we need the axis stuff?" question.  Also, the maven groupId's for
the stuff is alread ws.commons. Thus, it makes sense to keep it that way from a purely maven
+  * dkulp: I do agree about a common place for the STaX stuff, but that place probably should
be one of the Apache XML projects, not here.   
   * dkulp (with the changes in my above comment)

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