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From Anthony Elder <>
Subject Re: PMC Reorganization and July board report
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2009 17:46:39 GMT
What are the problems with the "Leave it alone" option? 

If its lack of oversight of the individual subprojects could that be 
helped by getting rid of some of the separate mailing lists and instead 
using shared lists like general@ws more?


Glen Daniels <> 
06/07/2009 17:55
Please respond to

Axis-Dev <>,,,,,,,, wss4j-dev 
<>,,, "" <>

PMC Reorganization and July board report

Hi everyone:

Once again, I'm cc'ing all the -dev lists to make absolutely sure everyone
sees this note.  Future mails will just go to general@.

It's time to get this discussion going, and hopefully bring it to some 
of a place from which we can affect change as a community.  We're going to
submit a report to the board in July, and I'd really like to be able to 
something other than "radio silence on the PMC reorg front". :)

Can we talk some more about this in the near term?  As you know, there is 
wiki page at:

One proposal there has four supporters so far, and other proposals, 
thoughts, etc., are very welcome.

Please, people, chime in.  Either put your thoughts on the wiki, or 
the discussion via email at - please try and keep 
discussion about this topic on that list and not on the individual project
lists, since this is clearly a community-wide topic.


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