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From Ognjen Blagojevic <>
Subject Re: Apache webserver vs. Tomcat
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2010 09:39:44 GMT
Guus Ellenkamp wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what's the exact difference between the 'normal' Apache 
> webserver and Tomcat? Sounds to me that Tomcat is Apache + Java stuff. Am I 
> correct? 

'Normal' Apache web server is usually called Apache HTTP Server.

With a bit of oversimplification, Apache HTTP Server is a Web server, 
with support for PHP, Python and CGI scripts. Apache Tomcat is Web 
server with support for Java Servlet and Java ServerPages technologies.

If you plan to develop Java Web applications use Apache Tomcat. If you 
plan to use PHP/Python, use Apache HTTP Server. If you just want to 
create Web sites with static content (HTML, CSS, images) you usually 
don't need any Web server at all. If you plan to *host* web sites with 
static content, you may use the one you prefer, depending on your 
earlier experience.

After you decide witch software you want to use, you might want to 
subscribe to or, since 
this mailing list is intended for Web Service developers (hence the name


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