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From Sagara Gunathunga <>
Subject Re: [Ws Wiki] Update of "FrontPage/TLPAndAtticProposals" by AndreasVeithen
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 15:50:05 GMT
Andreas ,

I think it's better to mention other projects depends on Axiom.

AFAIK following 3 projects depend on Axiom.

1.  Axis2
2. Woden
3. Abdera


On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 2:07 AM, Apache Wiki <> wrote:
> Dear Wiki user,
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> The "FrontPage/TLPAndAtticProposals" page has been changed by AndreasVeithen.
> --------------------------------------------------
>  = Proposals for Current Web Services Subprojects =
> - (placeholder - need to put proposals here and offer space to indicate preferences)
> + == Promote Axiom to a TLP ==
> + The proposal is to promote Axiom to a TLP and position it as a general purpose, high
performance XML processing framework allowing developers to combine the ease of use of an
XML object model with the performance of pull-parsing based approaches.
> +
> + Among the existing projects in WS-Commons, Axiom has the highest potential for growth
outside of the Web services community, because in contrast to the other subprojects, it has
a scope that is not limited to Web services. To leverage this potential and to eradicate misconceptions
such as Axiom = Axis stuff or Axiom = SOAP = Web Services, it is important to give it an identity
that stresses its independence from Axis2 and Web services in general. Since the Apache XML
project is being dismantled (as an umbrella project) and it wouldn't make much sense to establish
it under the Xerces project (different communities, no dependencies, no historical ties),
the best would be to promote it to a TLP. The activity within the Axiom project is comparable
to other XML related TLPs and it certainly has enough critical mass and maturity to become
a TLP. The following statistics confirm this:
> +
> +  * [[|Commit
statistics]] show sustained developer activity for over 4 years.
> +  * [[|JIRA
statistics]] shows constant community activity (assuming that the flattening of the curve
is due to the growing maturity of Axiom rather than declining interest).
> +  * [[|Mailing
list stats]] also tends to confirm this (although it is not easy to get reliable mailing list
statistics because Axiom doesn't have its own mailing list and many Axiom issues are discussed
on the Axis2 mailing lists instead of commons-dev).
> +
> + The fact that other Apache projects depend on Axiom in a critical way will also help
ensuring its continuity on the longer term.
> +
> + The process of promoting Axiom to a TLP will be much less painful than for Axis/Axis2
> +  * it involves promoting a single subproject to a single TLP;
> +  * Axiom now has a streamlined (and documented) release process as well as a polished
Web site. This will allow us to rapidly do a release that reflects the new project structure.
> +
> + Finally, it should not be too difficult to recruit members for the new PMC from the
existing Web services and Axis PMCs.
> +
> + Volunteers for PMC membership (please add yourself here):
> +  * Andreas Veithen
> +

Sagara Gunathunga

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