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Subject Re: Re: [VOTE] Release WSS4J 1.5.10
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2010 07:49:12 GMT


I have a question - are my ideas for allowing the XPath-expression in the
WSEncryptionPart part of the 1.5.10-Version, or not?
I have begun to test it some more, and have some troubles with it. I can
decode the message, but the signature check does not work then - some
references are there, but the corresponding message parts are not. I work
on it...
And the other one - WSEncryptionPart contains a variable holding the ID of
the encrypted parts. I think we need a list (vector?) of ids here, thus one
WSEncryptionPart can describe more than one part now. Unfortunately I
didn't have any time to evaluate it now. But the encryption works fine.

I am quite new to this project and I don't know the backgrounds. So I don't
want to commit my ideas. I don't know for example if the code has to
compile with java 1.4. With Java 1.5 we would have generict making a lot of
things easier (the vectors could be typed, so we don't have to cast
anymore...). I would like to change the WSEncryptionPart - new Interface
and a new implementation besides the current WSEncryptionPart which would
implement this new interface. This would make the search for described
document parts easier.

And one more thing: WSS4J now uses a DOM document. Axis2 uses AXIOM. Maybe
we should make an version for axis2 that uses AXIOM too. I have the
problem, that if I use attachments, with contentId and optimization flag
for MTOM, this informations are thrown away by the conversion between AXIOM
and DOM. I have to restore them later. And the attachments are part of the
DOM tree as base64 encoded strings blowing the memory usage. In AXIOM they
are streams...

Marcin Markiewicz

Von:	Daniel Kulp <>
Kopie:	Colm O hEigeartaigh <>
Datum:	28.11.2010 18:57
Betreff:	Re: [VOTE] Release WSS4J 1.5.10



On Friday 26 November 2010 12:16:55 pm Colm O hEigeartaigh wrote:
> To the Apache Web Services Community,
> This is a call for votes for the wss4j-1.5.10 release. This release
> contains an upgrade to use XML Security 1.4.4, some important fixes
> for supporting chained certificates and processing SAML assertions, as
> well as a couple of other issues.
> The distribution was built from the following SVN tag;
> The distribution can be found at the following URL:
> You can also point maven at the following URL to pull down the 1.5.10
> release POM, source, and class JARs:
> This vote will stay open for at least 72 hours.
> Here is my +1 (binding).
> Thanks,
> Colm.
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Daniel Kulp

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