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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject How to escape
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 13:00:08 GMT
Dear subscribers, however unintentional, to,

I am sorry that so many of you find yourselves unpleasantly surprised
to receive email from this list.

You can't escape by sending the word 'unsubscribe', however spelled or
capitalized, to

You can subscribe by sending a message to

"To get off a list, send a message to To
unsubscribe a different e-mail - e.g. you used to be subscribed as
user@oldname.example - send a message to You can do this
provided you can still receive e-mails sent to the old address (you
will need to respond to the confirmation)."

If you are unable to come up with your old subscription address,
please send a polite email to the list telling us the possible email
addresses that you might be subscribed under. We are not clairvoyant,
and cannot magically map from your current email address or name to
some set of initials or abbreviations that you used to subscribe in
the first place.

As this instant, due to a small oversight at ASF infrastructure, we
can't manually unsubscribe you. But that should be fixed some time


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