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From Lawrence Mandel <>
Subject Re: Welcome to
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 20:20:17 GMT

"And Lawrence, was there any point in your message asking if it was a 

My point was to state the obvious, that the Apache WS community has lost a 
lot of mailing list subscribers since merging all of the lists (I don't 
know if this was expected), and to start discussion on whether this merge 
was a mistake and should be undone. 

Moving the commits to another list should alleviate some of the pain. 
Whether it will be enough to stop the exodus of subscribers remains to be 

As far as I'm concerned, losing interested people's attention is counter 
productive to an open source (or any) project. 


Lars Schnoor <>
11/04/2010 05:46 AM
Re: Welcome to


I originally signed up for the XML-RPC mailing list because that was the 
project that was and still is interesting to me. In the last couple of 
days however I have been bombarded with SPAM from all kinds of Apache 
projects that I am not interested in at all. At some point someone asked 
if it was a mistake to merge the Apache mailing lists and a couple of 
people replied that they actually  think that it indeed was a big 
mistake and that was it, no action whatsoever.
So my question is very simple, is there some professional person that 
can see that it was a very bad idea to merge the mailing lists and is 
willing to undo this mistake, or do we people that don't what our 
mailboxes filled-up with unrelated SPAM, have to unsubscribe?
And Lawrence, was there any point in your message asking if it was a 


On 23-10-2010 03:38, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> The lists should now all be merged into just dev@ and users@.   Thus, 
> to the new "combined" WS community!
> We left the Muse lists alone for right now.  Did we reach a concensus to
> archive Muse?  I wasn't 100% possitive so we left those alone for right 

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