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From Ian Hunter <>
Subject Getting rid of debug
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2012 20:52:28 GMT
I have server for which I am overriding the XmlRpcServlet in order to
provide a custom PropertyHandlerMapping, to effect a singleton - this comes
from the docs somewhere.

However, I cant seem to override the default logging behaviour for this by
the following (from the FAQ)...

    protected PropertyHandlerMapping newPropertyHandlerMapping(URL url)
throws IOException, XmlRpcException {


        return mapping;


I've also tried to override 'XmlRpcServlet.log()'

I still get...

[19:58:56,237] [http-8088-8] - execute: ->
[19:58:56,259] [http-8088-8] - execute: Request performed successfully
[19:58:56,261] [http-8088-8] - execute: <-

I would like to remove this, and other options please?

Ian Hunter

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