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From Dmitry <>
Subject [WODEN-65] refloated
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 16:25:48 GMT

I got a NPE serializing my WSDL , probably don't understand how it 
supposed to work...

DOMWSDLWriter.printInterfaceFaultReferences(...) {
QName attrQName=faulRef.getRef();
String attrName=

So it supposed that I must know the correct prefix for the fault component?

I have:
interfaceFaultReferenceElement.setRef(new QName("http://mynamespace", 

Of course I can always put:

description.addNamespace("tns", targetNamespace);
interfaceFaultReferenceElement.setRef(new QName("http://mynamespace", 
"myfault", "tns"));

That's ok then doing it by hand, but I am getting the QName from an RDF 
model with no prefix defined.

Why the code is trying to get a namespace by prefix, to search later a 
prefix by the namespace?

Things go worst for faultElement where I just have no idea which prefix 
to put, the element name belongs to XML Schema global types.

DOMWSDLWriter.printFaults(...) {
//TODO check here - returns  QNameTokenUnion but only take QName
QName attrElement=faulEle.getElement().getQName();
String attrEle=

Thank you in advance

Dmitry Repchevsky

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