Hi Sagara,

If you're correct that there are no current consumers of the Axiom impl of Woden I think your proposal makes good sense. Best to focus the efforts of the small number of active contributors on a code base that sees usage.


On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 11:55 AM, Sagara Gunathunga <sagara.gunathunga@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Devs,

I'm thinking about future of Axiom (OM) based implementation of Woden
API for sometime, whether we should continue or drop support from next
release ?

AFAIK original objective of OM implementation is to support Axis2 but
in fact Axis2 never used OM implementation instead Axis2 still use DOM
based implementation. Also in my POV there is no such drawbacks with
DOM implementation to move Axis2 to use OM implementation. At the
moment there is no clear indication about users of OM implementation
too.  In this situation it is kind of a overhead to maintain OM
implementation further specially with small number of developers.  At
the beginning Woden had plans for number of cool features such as
supporting to both WSDL versions etc, but all original developers have
been disappeared from the community few years ago hence it's seem OK
to re-prioritize objectives based on current requirements and

This also important decision to reduce complexities among Woden
artifacts, at the moment it's required  to have at least 3 JAR files
to use Woden framework as woden-api, woden-impl-common  and
woden-impl-dom/woden-impl-om. Dropping OM implementation allows  to
merge these artifacts and deliver above 3 module as a single JAR file
called woden.jar.  IMO this kind of single artifact deliverables are
more natural for utility projects and easy to deploy on OGSI
containers too.

Personally I don't have energy to maintain both implementations, also
without actual users  no point to maintain OM implementation further.
Based on above facts I would like to suggest terminate OM support from
next release and move forward the project with what ever the useful

Any thoughts ?

Thanks !
Sagara Gunathunga

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