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From Dan Groves <>
Subject Woden group reference question
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 20:49:46 GMT

I'm using Woden 1.0M9 to parse a WSDL file with an XSD file.  I attached

I can see no way to resolve the group reference from the complex type.  I
can get an instance of XmlSchemaSequence from getParticle, and it contains
a group reference, but I cannot find any object which represents the
group.  I have some very basic code to dump out information from Woden's
WSDL reader, which I can send as well if you'd like.

How do I resolve the group reference?  Is this a bug?  I've looked around
in the objects Woden returns, and I can find an object which represents the
contents of the group, but I see no way to get at that object via a public


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