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Would it be possible instead to create a test-case that I can apply directly to CXF?


On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 9:50 AM Erik Lund Jensen <info@erikjensen.it> wrote:

I have forked cxf and created a branch "feature/dispatcher-policy" where the systests/jaxws DispatcherTest class has been retrofitted to test POLICY_OVERRIDE with StAX.

The branch should NOT be merged to master as I have disabled all the other tests in the DispatcherTest class and I have added ws-security policy wsdl as well.
Anyhow, the branch reproduce the error I see in my project.
PolicyEnforcer rejects the server reply at the client side.

The following test case has been enhanced with ws-security policy:

The error can be reproduced by running that test case.

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