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From Peter Smith <>
Subject Re: Documentation updates ...
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2005 22:42:57 GMT
Some review comments FYI from an EWS newbie.


My understanding is that JSR 921 superceeded JSR 109 for J2EE 1.4 
compliance. Yet EWS documentation refers only to JSR 109.


Is the CVS location correct? It is different to the URL I was recently 


I found the section "How does the deployment of the web service module 
work?" to be confusing because intially I assumed it described what EWS 
actually *does*. But in hindsight it seems some of it is cut/paste from 
the JSR and just describes what the deployment process *should* do - not 
how EWS works at all. It would be much clearer if this section it was 
something like a table with JSR deployment requirements in the 1st col 
and a description how EWS supports the requirements (or "not yet 
implemented") in the 2nd col.


Venkat Reddy wrote:

>Descriptions of the changes: corrections, and rearranging of the text,
>mostly to make it grammatically more correct and simple to read.
>Content and its tone is not changed however (might need one more
>reviewiew for that).
>-- Venkat

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