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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: I need to know the current status of EWS.
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2005 02:29:33 GMT
Hi Peter;

> The EWS project is of interest to me as a possible way of introducing
> JSR 921 support to an app server. EWS is just one option. If app server
> modifications are required for integration that is not a problem.

EWS is used for the similar purpose in two app servers, Geronimo and
JoAs does SOAP->java conversion and invoke the EJB/POJO impl. How
does this invocation is done is quite specific to app server. EWS need
to be extend to suit your app server
> I hope to have the opportunity to study EWS further...
> My managers are very doubtful about the "status" (finished? / ongoing? /
> what %?) and "stability" (stable? / buggy? / what?) of the current EWS
> project.
> There are a number of reasons that would make them feel this way.
> For example:
> 1. This dev mailing list is so quiet. Where are all the users?
> 2. The EWS documentation is old:
> - doc ages in CVS seem to be mostly 5+ months. We have no idea if old ==
> obsoleted.
> - TODO.txt in docs dir seems to have a number of unfinished items. Are
> they still unfinished or is the TODO.txt out of date.
> - JSR 921 is not even mentioned in docs, only JSR 109.
> - Client docs say "this part not implemented" for JNDI binding etc
> 3. There are no JIRA entries (ok there is 1). I understand that JIRA for
> EWS is new, but even so it still it gives an impression of a lack of
> interest in using JIRA and/or a lack of users, rather than a lack of
> bugs. Is there any evidence otherwise?
> 4. There seem hardly any devs participating in this project (compared to
> Axis for example)
> 5. Probably many more concerns - but you get the idea.
EWS is too much bind with the J2EE app server it is used and it is
tricky for the individual user to use it. Docs are out of date ..

> Also, does EWS require any Axis source code modifications or does it
> work by just generating Axis artifacts for Axis deployment using the
> latest binary Axis distribution (eg Axis 1.2 RC3). I thought no Axis
> mods are needed but I would like confirmation of this please.
it is extension of Axis for jaxrpc mapping support .. myself and dims
working on the make it work on Axis1.2 RC3 (it is compiling on RC1

> ~~~
> If there are ANY reassuring statements (for the points above) about the
> actual current state of the EWS project - anything that might put my
> managers more at ease - please provide them.
> Otherwise I expect my further study of EWS might be dropped.

In overall I am positive about the guts of the EWS is solid. It
accepts the Web service module  and generate the code (use axis with
jaxrpc mapping extension) for a web services. The  Axis provider will
send the request to J2EE App server (this part need to be re written
to suit your App server).

But am busy with Axis2 release now and will not able to devote time
for another week or so.Once a done with it I can do two things
1) udpate the docs and remove the out dates docs ect
2) try to help you to get in to EWS

Following is the my outline of you task list to use ews in u r app server ..
 EWS generate 
1) class to deploy a WS in Axis
2) ejb/POJO for the impl
  you need to do two things for the server side
1) write a Provider to direct the web service request in to your
appserver Interceptor stack (or equivalent) and return the result back
to the provider.
2) define the way to deploy the generated ejb in ur app server

for the client side ews can generate stubs .. the appserver should
bind them to right names
 in JNDI ect ..  ur deployer should use ews to generate stubs  and do
little bit more handle JNDI things ect.
The decission is up to you, have a look at the EWS generated code and

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